NASA's Apollo missions (1968-1972) landed men on the moon and returned them safely to the Earth.

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The Apollo Program
NASA's portal to data on the Apollo lunar missions. Mission summaries, data, and links to related NASA material.
Apollo 11 Flight Plan
The detailed flight plan of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Includes speeches by President John F. Kennedy on the US space program. [PDF]
Apollo By The Numbers
Offers a comprehensive collection of mission statistics.
Apollo Expeditions to the Moon
E.M. Cortright edited a thorough history of the Apollo program. Discusses lunar probes, launchers, spacecraft, astronaut selection and training, and the lunar missions. Includes appendices and bibliography.
Apollo Explorer
Profiles and press kits for all missions. Includes a large media gallery of videos, pictures, and wallpaper.
Apollo Landing Missions
Overviews of the various Apollo missions, including landing sites, lunar surface operations, science experiments, samplings, and an extensive gallery of mission photography.
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
This NASA archive offers brief overviews and detailed transcripts of the American lunar landings. Includes crew biographies as well as audio, image, and video galleries.
Apollo Mode Decision
Examines the various mission profiles for placing astronauts on the moon and explains NASA's decision in favor of lunar orbit rendezvous.
The Apollo Program
Resource provided by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, containing a complete overview of the Apollo program, with material from NASA and many other sources. Includes overview of scientific results, and images.
Apollo Saturn Reference Page
Reference material for modelers of the Saturn V, Saturn Ib and the Apollo spacecraft.
The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology
Part of the NASA Historical Series. The chronology of the development of the Apollo spacecraft and the lunar mission. Provides specific documented information covering a wide range of events related to the Apollo manned spaceflight program.
Apollo Talks
Speaker offering educational talks about the Apollo missions to the Moon, the men and machines that went there and back.
Apollo Training Team
Information on the instructor personnel who presented Apollo spacecraft systems briefings to Astronauts, Flight Controllers, and launch personnel. Includes summary of lunar missions, handouts, documents, and related links.
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Explains the goals and accomplishments of the first meeting in space of Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts. Provides a mission summary, an image gallery, and links to a lengthy and official history of the joint program.
Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft
A history of the Apollo spacecraft covering the three phases of spacecraft evolution: defining and designing the vehicles needed to do the job, developing and qualifying them for the task, and operating them in space.
Contact Light
Project Apollo retrospective with pictures.
The First Men on the Moon: The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing
Recordings of the Apollo 11 lunar landing as experienced minute-by-minute by the crew and Mission Control.
The Project Apollo Archive
Large selection of multimedia from the Apollo missions.
Project Apollo: A Retrospective Analysis
This NASA study provides the historical background for the American decision to go to the moon. Discusses the objectives of the Apollo program and how this shaped the US manned space program during the 1960s and after. Solidly researched and thoroughly referenced.
Scientific American: The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 8's Journey to the Moon
Features articles from the December 2008 issue, commemorating Apollo 8, which made the first manned voyage around the moon in December 1968.
Space Exploration History: Apollo 13
Overview of the failed lunar landing attempt.
Tribute to the Butler Aerospace Team Simulation of Apollo 15 to Hadley Rille
Pictures of the simulation at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama dated July 1971. Includes astronauts, Command Module, Lunar Module, Rover, and EVA.
We Choose the Moon
An interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time. Includes period photographs and video clips.

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