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About all aspects of the International Space Station, with the exception of educational sites (found under /Science/Technology/Space/Education). The category is intended for both space professionals and laymen alike.

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NASA: International Space Station
A resource on ISS by NASA. Includes operational news, wide range of background material, archives, image gallery and planned missions.
The Automated Transfer Vehicle
Includes project overview, news and events from the team in the European Space Agency managing the development of this supply spacecraft for the station.
Belgian International Space Station User Support Center
Provides contacts, documentation, news and events for the scientific users of the space station.
Features the prime contractor's overview of the design, its assembly sequence in space and scientific use.
The Columbus Laboratory
Includes project overview, news and events from the team in the European Space Agency managing the development of this module of the ISS.
The Crew Return Vehicle
Overview of a project to develop a manned spacecraft to return the crew to Earth in case of an emergency.
Provides design and project overview of the main observation post on the station.
Data Management System
Provides factsheet for the DMS-R computers, in the Russian Service Module 'Zvezda', providing the overall control of the Russian segment.
Earth Sciences and Image Analysis
Includes a searchable, updated database of Earth photos made from the space station's windows.
ESA - Human Space Flight
Features overview of European participation in the International Space Station, with projects, news and events.
The European Robotic Arm
Provides project overview and data on the walking robot planned to service the Russian segment.
Future of Canadian Space Exploration
Includes a brief introduction on Canada's involvement in the space station.
The History of Space Stations
Features a brief history article on the space stations by a writer and space professional.
How Space Stations Work
Illustrated tutorial about what a space station looks like, what will it be like to live and work in space, and what problems are involved in building one.
ISS Fan Club
A club of space enthusiast following ISS missions and contacting crews by amateur radio. Offers news, forums and tracking information.
Kennedy Space Center
Offers overview of the ISS payload and system launch processing. Includes outreach, multimedia and live feeds from the Space Station Processing Facility.
Node 2: Connecting Module
Offers data sheets on the module connection the truss structure and the US laboratory to other elements.
Node 3: Connecting Module
Offers data sheets on the module that connects elements and house a number of life support systems.
PBS - Space Station : The Series
Offers an overview of a television series. Includes a variety of supporting material for the public.
SPACEnet 99
Overview of ISS activities and news by a German provider. Includes mission, crew aspects and supporting material.
Status Reports
Offers current and past station official status reports. Provided by the flight operations authority.
Offers summaries of the construction and expeditions to the space station, by an author specializing in Russian space history.

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