Sites relevant to K-12 students seeking good sites to learn more about astronauts, the solar system, and many more space topics-- sites that are not too scientifically technical for pre-college age users, sites that K-12 students and teachers will access as relevant for K-12 classroom and non-classroom use. Sites related to data collection by space probes or space telescopes, without which space exploration is impossible.

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A space learning portal dedicated to advancing space knowledge.
Astronaut Mike Mullane's Stories From Space
Programs, books, and videos teaching about space flight, personal motivation and teamwork.
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation
US association to promote Space education, established by Mercury 7 astronauts. Overview of astronaut members with biographies, information on engaging astronaut speakers, activities, and on the scholarship program.
Challenger Center for Space Science Education
Alexandria, VA. Teaching resources and information about field trips to the center.
Exploration In Education
Features a collection of educational electronic picture books and other tutorials offered by the Space Telescope Science Institute.
From Stargazers to Starships
Features an easy to use high school level introduction to the basics of spaceflight.
GECE - Brazilian Space Sciences Study Group
Personal pages of a Brazilian student study group on space technology.
How Robonauts Will Work
How NASA is preparing a new breed of robotic astronauts to perform some of the more difficult tasks in space.
International Space School Educational Trust
Online science and space science encyclopaedia, including Hubble telescope photos, satellite images of the Earth, and additional guides for teachers.
International Space University
ISU is a educational organization in France providing courses in space technology internationally. Site provides extensive course programme info and overview of the school.
Orbital Laboratory
Student designed experiment aboard the International Space Station. Students can monitor their payload and compare it to their own ground based control.
Resources from Space
Offers lecture notes by the University of Wisconsin from space project courses. Subjects include lunar mining and nuclear power in space.
Scale Model Communication Satellites
Construct-it-yourself model communication satellites for educational and professional use.
Space Systems Laboratory, University of Maryland
Consists of understanding how you do work in space; with people, with robots and how the two work together.
Understanding The Universe - Discovery Channel School
Interactive educational tool featuring a virtual tour of the galaxy, biographies of famous astronomers, introduction to basic concepts and teacher tips.
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)
Provides organizational and scholarship information by a university association devoted to space exploration and technology.
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