Software for the design and maintenance of Power generating stations, power distribution grids, and electrical wiring of buildings.
AGORA - Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms
Software allowing the electric power industry to manage power grids and restore power after blackouts.
ATP Alternative Transient Program
Electromagnetic transient modelling software for power systems also known as ATP/EMTP. Royalty free software
Power system simulation, for power electronics and electrical drives.
CDEGS Grounding and Earthing Analysis
Complex grounding and earthing design, electromagnetic compatibility, interference analysis and lightning and surge studies.
Distribution Networks Real Time Restoration
Software engine for real time restoration and reconfiguration of large scale electrical distribution networks.
Electranix Corporation
PSCAD is a platform for building simulations of electric power and power electronic systems, controls and protections.
Electrotek Concepts
Power quality and energy efficiency analysis tools
Electro magnetic transient program, for the transient analysis of power systems - the DCG Restructured Version (EMTP-RV)
Energy Computer Graphics Ltd
Produces SPARD AM/FM/GIS analysis software for electrical distribution.
Provides electrical engineering software for the design, simulation, operation, control, optimization and automation of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial power systems.
Offers a wide range of network analysis applications for electrical engineering. Modules are available to analyze generation plants, large industrial facilities, transmission systems, distribution systems and small commercial facilities.
Electrical service load calculations for buildings based on North American electrical design codes. Consulting Ltd.
Software for power system analyses required to determine ground potential rise, calculations to determine step and touch potentials, and calculations related to effects of induction and ground currents on pipelines.
Project aiming to develop a simple to use yet powerful software tool for design, analysis and simulation of power systems.
IPSA Power Ltd Power System Analysis Software
software for the design, operation and planning of electrical generation, transmission and distribution systems.
LineDesign Engineering
Overhead line design software for electric utilities, including pole loading and guying.
Milsoft Utility Solutions
Software and services for integrated engineering analysis, outage management and interactive voice response systems
PLECS - Power Electronics Modelling
Simulation of electrical circuits within the MATLAB/Simulink environment. It is specially designed for power electronic and drive systems.
Power & Water Systems Consultants Ltd
Consulting and research services in the fields of power and water resource development. Software for modelling, simulating and optimising combined hydroelectric and thermal power generation systems operation and expansion.
Power Distribution Software
Load flow, short circuit, energy auditing and GIS software for electric power distribution
Power Systems Analysis Software
A suite of software with modules for conducting a wide range of power system studies.
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