Resellers, distributors and consultants specializing in engineering software.

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Adept Scientific
Solutions for simulation, laboratory science, design engineering, electronics circuit design, control systems, data acquisition, data analysis and quality management.
GIS software designed for modelers, planners and decision makers. Applications in Hydrology, Reservoir Engineering, Oceanography, Mining, Surface flow.
Software for electrical engineering. Products include a PC-based short circuit and relay coordination application for relay engineers, a relay database for utilities companies and power flow models and simulation software.
ATIR Engineering Software
Windows structural engineering software covering concrete and steel design (including cold formed), dynamic and seismic analysis, bridge analysis and design.
Online application development with a focus on migrating desktop applications to web services. Specializing in aerospace, assembly and production, distribution, engineering and manufacturing industries.
Business Basics
Systems, resources and support for manufacturing companies that want to reach their full growth and earnings potential. Software for MRPII, just-in-time (JIT) and kaizen.
CAD fx
Software for batch processing, plot stamps, block managers, ballooning, AutoCAD external database connectivity and the parametric generation of mechanical assemblies, parts and fasteners.
The CEDRAT Group software solutions include a wide range of electrical and mechatronic engineering applications suitable for teaching, R&D, design and optimisation.
Computerized maintenance management inspection and metrology solutions. Inbuilt thermocouples for software compensation of temperature variations for added accuracy and precision in the probing system.
Develops engineering software for the power and process industries.
Software solutions for structural engineers. Includes structural analysis and modeling, steelwork and concrete design.
Culverson Software
Custom software for engineering, scientific and production applications on MacOS, Windows, or Linux platforms. Specializing in data acquisition, data communication, and data analysis.
Produces and sells ultrasound simulation software, Wave2000, markets a finite element stress analysis package named FEMdesigner and does research on 3D display systems, orthopaedic research, and the non-invasive assessment of bone for diagnosis of osteoporosis.
Daesim Technologies
Process systems engineering company that provides specialised software and services in the areas of data analysis, modelling and simulation, risk management and decision support.
DataTrend Software
Software to load graphs and charts and digitize the data in real time. Allows a scientist or engineer to digitize data without a graphic tablet.
Delta Mobile Systems, Inc.
Technology for systems engineering, wireless application server development and embedded systems.
Manufacturing Software and Consultancy. Provides manufacturing software and consulting for work measurement, ergonomics, line balancing, Work Instructions and DFA.
Engineering Software
Software and related materials for chemical, civil, electrical, manufacturing and mechanical engineering.
Enhanced Systems and Services
Software for project-oriented manufacturers producing capital equipment and highly-engineered products.
PC board layout software and low cost board manufacturing service.
Forming Technologies
Offers software solutions for the design, feasibility, and costing of sheet metal components.
GWI Engineering
Software for production engineering. Integration of welding work cells and rotary and in-line transfer machines. Automate arc welding, resistance welding, robotics and other special process operations such as metal forming, stitching, riveting or adhesive bonding.
Harold Engineering
Turn-Key solutions for manufacturing and production industries. Dublin, Ireland.
Offersroducts and services in the field of engineering, business improvement, data acquisition and control.
ICE Technology
Software solutions for engineering, field service and manufacturing production. Programmer specifications, device support lists and software upgrades are available for download from this site.
Jewett Automation
Production software and machine design.Specialising in assembly systems, custom packaging equipment and lean work cells.
Provides finite element analysis solutions including ANSYS and LS-Dyna software, web-based simulation software and training and consulting.
Provides software solutions for crystallographic texture calculations and analysis as well as hardware modifications to x-ray texture measurement devices.
Manufacturing Engineering
Provides solutions to improve profitability, cycle time, and customer service through the implementation of lean manufacturing, plant layout, process technology, and automated systems. Solutions to problems involving inventory, cycle time, quality, on-time delivery, capacity, administrative lead times, and manufacturing cost.
Objexx Engineering
Develops engineering and mathematical software for clients in government and industry. Focused on structural impact modeling (SISAME), optimization, signal processing, object-oriented C++ applications and Fortran migration/modernization.
Paragon Simulation
Software for industrial engineering, production simulation and process optimisation. Specialise in building generic, enterprise-wide models of industrial processes.
Software for manufacturing and engineering operations. Includes bill of materials, production management and documentation control.
Production Software
Specialise in mission-critical applications for production and offer complete support processes.
Quality First Systems
Software and devices for leak detection. Includes mass-flow instruments, audit stands, automatic stations, and integrated systems for automatic functional testing and/or calibration.
Software for hydrology, watershed modeling, flood simulation, stormwater planning and control of water resources and water quality.
Rogers Aeroscience
RASAero is a combined aerodynamic analysis and flight simulation software package for model rockets and high power rockets, amateur rockets, and sounding rockets. RASAero can also be used for predicting aerodynamic coefficients for use in other flight simulation programs for orbital rockets.
Sivan Design
Offers software for surveying solutions, roads construction and design, water engineering, cut and fill volumes calculations and real-time 3D simulation.
Develops and markets scientific and engineering software for use in surveying, road design and civil engineering.
Symmetry Solutions
Supply and support a diverse range of software for industrial engineering, CAD/CAM and process engineering.
Manufacturing and production control software for the foundry, cast metals and heavy engineering industry.
Synergis Technologies
Network based electronic document management solution providing access to documents and metadata.
Taftan Data
Developer of Engineering Application for Thermodynamic properties of steam, water, dry air, moist air, flue gases and more than 450 chemicals.
TechEng Designs
Software for engineering calculations. Functionality to automate calculations for: tank capacity, orifice diameters, liquid flow and engineering unit and environmental conversions.
Windows software for Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA), modeling and Design of Experiments (DOE).
Software solutions for mechanical and electrical engineering. Functionality includes manufacturing execution systems (MES), process control, work in process tracking and ATE test.  
Vibrant Technology, Inc.
Software for structural testing and machinery maintenance professionals. Functionality includes post processing vibration and acoustic test data.
Virial, Inc.
Scientific software development and consulting services in area of radiometry, photometry, pyrometry, optical instrumentation and radiation heat transfer. Computer modeling of optical radiation transfer. Company profile, references and description of available software.
Visual Automation
Windows security software designed for the security of industrial automation networks and specifically to safeguard PLC data.
Programmable logic technologies for a diverse range of manufacturing and engineering applications.
Software to automate production processes and to facilitate collaboration and the flow of information across plants. Designed for textiles, softgoods, apparel and footwear industries.
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