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Developer of structural analysis software including professional CAD, architectural design, structural analysis and design, building services design (HVAC, electrical and plumbing) and other software applications.
Alashki Engineering Constructions (AEC)
Structural design, analysis and software solutions. Programs for advanced analysis and design of reinforced concrete elements subjected to axial force and axial or bi-axial bending moments. The main software is 'Gala Reinforcement'
Anatoly Klevitsky: Structural Design Tools
Offers tools developed by a professional engineer with more than 25 years of experience in bridge design. Includes Excel spreadsheets, Excel custom functions, MicroStation macros and Rcolumn.
Applied Science International
ASI is focused on creating software tools for structural engineers and architects that will better design, organize and analyze structures.
ASDIP Structural Design
Software structural design of building components such as footings, beams, columns, walls, and corbels. Fully compatible with Windows platforms.
Atlantic v2.0
Shareware software for 3D analysis and design of steel framed structures
AxisVM Structural Analysis Software
Finite element analysis software for structural civil engineers offering linear, nonlinear and buckling analysis.
Provides resources for structural engineers including a database of structural engineering software, structural wiki, industry news monitoring and design spreadsheets.
Computers & Structures, Inc.
Windows-based software for structural and seismic engineering. Products include SAP, ETABS, and SAFE. Site offers trial versions and technical papers for downloading.
Cranes Software, Inc.
Offers CAD based solutions to a wide variety of problems encountered in the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures.
Daniel T. Li, Engineering International
Offers a large range of free Excel spreadsheets for concrete, steel, masonry and wood design, and lateral analysis.
Developer of BeamDesign, software for the design of flexural members of cold-formed steel, following AISI specifications.
Offers software solutions for dynamic 2D frame analysis, static 2D frame analysis and 2D truss analysis. Kernel files are also offered to developers.
Eriksson Technologies, Inc.
Bridge engineering and structural engineering analysis and design software.
Extreme Loading for Structures
A non-linear structural analysis software tool that allows structural engineers to study static and dynamic loads such as those generated by blast, seismic events, impact, progressive collapse and wind.
Free open-source software program for static and dynamic structural analysis of 2D and 3D frames and trusses with elastic and geometric stiffness.
Blog with free software tutorials, lectures and setups.
Description and demonstration of available software for reinforcement bars and mesh schedules and analysis of punching shear.
GT STRUDL Structural Design & Analysis Software
Integrates graphical modeling, static/dynamic/nonlinear/ push-over analyses, steel and reinforced concrete design, finite element analysis, and database management into a single system for MS/Windows.
ICAB Finite Element Analysis
Dynamic and static analysis and design of structures.
Inducta Engineering
Software for engineers. Includes slab, column, footing, raft, spiral stairs, beam and slab support modules.
Integrated Engineering Software
IES creates software tools for structural engineering, analysis and design.
JKL Consult Software
Offers SDOFpro, software used in the design of beams and slabs subject to a dynamic blast load.
John F. Butts & Associates
Truss Design Software for the design and estimating of light gauge steel trusses. FAQs and resource links.
Structural and earthquake engineering software.
Limcon V3 Connection Design
Software for design of structural steel connections. Connections may be checked against AISC, LRFD and other design codes.Description of program capabilities and features. Downloadable Demo.
MasterKey: Steel Design
Offers 3 interactive programs providing comprehensive design of steel sections to BS 5950 and EC3.
Meca Consulting
Structural Engineering software for wind, plate, and shell design.
Mechatools Technologies
Numerical and analytical engineering tools for computing section properties, dynamic structures (bridge) under moving loads and open thin-walled composite beams.
MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Provides structural engineering software for structural analysis and structural design. Project examples and animations. Trial version and manuals for download.
Tool for mechanical engineering. It calculates forces and angular momenta of statically determined systems.
PC Engineers
Software for structural design.
Posten Engineering Systems
Post-Tensioned and Reinforced Concrete Design Software
Prokon Structural Analysis and Design
Design software for steel members and connections; reinforced concrete sections, slabs, and detailing. Evaluation downloads available.
Ralf Martin Hansen, Dipl.-Ing.
Windows-based static analysis of two- and three-dimensional frames. Free for non-commercial use.
RAM International
Structural design software for post tensioning, concrete design, steel design, and finite element analysis. Downloadable trial software, web-based training and support.
Sectional analysis program that calculates the strength and ductility of a reinforced concrete cross-section subjected to shear, moment, and axial load. Includes news, sample input files, and program manual.
RISA Technologies
General-purpose structural engineering software for Windows.
ROHR2 SIGMA Pipe Stress Analysis Software
The makers of ROHR2 - Pipe stress analysis software, SINETZ -calculation of Flow Distribution, Pressure Drop and Temperature Loss in Piping Networks, SPRINK -Calculation of Pressure Drop in Sprinkler Systems Detailed program descriptions, Demo-CDs Also offers engineering and consulting services.
A structural analysis, design and evaluation program for steel and concrete structures and buildings, bridges, towers, prestressed girders, steel calculator, concrete and footing calculator. Free demo and videos.
Finite element software for two-dimensional beam, truss, or frame analysis.
Soft Tech Engineers
STRUDS structural design and analysis software, SEPL-Tank for design of rectangular tanks, and SEPL-RetWall for design of retaining walls.
SourceForge: cba
This program calculates members and reaction forces of a continuous beam. Graphical output can be done via gnuplot or spreadsheet application.
Space Gass
Windows-based structural analysis and design program for 2D and 3D frames, trusses, grilages and beams.
Spreadsheets for Structural Engineers
Includes bridge design and GT STRUDL post-processor.
Structural engineering software featuring concrete and steel design (including cold formed), dynamic and seismic analysis, and bridge analysis. By ATIR Engineering Software.
Structural Soft, LLC
Lateral and framing design software for wood and cold formed steel buildings with CAD interface. Framing tools for green building construction. Building information modeling of light frame construction.
Suite of productivity tools for design of reinforced concrete slabs, columns, walls, beams, and mats. Product information, pricing, and trial versions are available.
StruWare Software
Offers a number of programs for structural engineers. Short description, pricing and download information.
Tekla Corporation
Software which supports modeling, detailing, fabrication, and project management in a collaborative environment, with focus primarily on steel and concrete structures.
Tension Structures
The purpose of this site is to publicize information about design and analysis of tension structures.g cable roofs, membrane structures. Articles, software and books.
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