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The Aerospace Trajectory Optimization Software is a tool for solving launcher, reentry and orbit trajectory problems without any programming. ASTOS is a special aerospace model of GESOP, which solves optimization problems using SNOPT or SOCS.
Preliminary new kitplane analysis that allows you to evaluate a new airplane, or performance changes resulting from modifications.
Airplane design, analysis drafting Software. Also offers consultancy and testing services. List of references and clients. FAQs and evaluation programs.
An orbit propagator that displays satellite position in the World and in the sky for a given ground station position.
Exo Aviation
Provides online aerospace design tools including a wing calculator, a wing planform, altitude Reynolds number calculator, airfoil design and lift formula at any altitude.
Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox
Matlab/Simulink toolbox for flight simulation, flight dynamics research, and flight control system design. Free downloads of the toolbox and user-manual, including extensive background information.
Flight Gear
Open source flight simulator that can run on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms.
Flight Level Engineering
Developer of engineering software. Products include Surfaces, an aircraft design CFD software, a beam analyzer, a bolt analyzer, Composite Analyzer 6 and Defroster.
FlightGear Flight Simulator
An open-source, multi-platform, cooperative flight simulator development project. Source code for the entire project is available and licensed under the GNU General Public License. The goal of the project is to create a sophisticated flight simulator framework for use in research or academic environments.
Hanley Innovations
Aerodynamics and Airfoil Analysis Software for Windows. Test airfoils, eBooks about aerodynamics, plot airfoil sections for airplane constructions.
Provides software for critical embedded products for aerospace engineering and medical devices. Services include application design, development, testing, project management and certification.
Composite software providing aerospace structural analysis and optimization, stress analysis and preliminary structural design for weight reduction, system level trade studies and sizing stiffened panels.
JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model
A free, open source, multi-platform flight dynamics model written in C++. New aircraft models do not require additional code.
Developer of software for data acquisition, visualization, analysis and control measurements in real time and in post processing, for aeronautic, space, defence, automotive, energy and medical applications. In English and French.
Public Domain Aerospace Software
Software for the Aerospace Engineer. Site has free sample downloads. CD for sale containing many useful programs, including Digital DATCOM.
Rotordynamics-Seal Research
Offers consulting in rotordynamics as well as seal and bearing analysis software for hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, foil, magnetic and rolling element bearings.
Satellite Tool Kit
Analytical engine to calculate data and display multiple 2-D maps to visualize various time-dependent information for satellites and other space-related objects such as launch vehicles, missiles, and aircraft.
Scientific Engineering Research
Offers programs for vibration analysis of non-linear rotor-bearing-foundation systems. By linearization in the vicinity of a stable equilibrium position or by direct solution of the non-linear differential equations of motion in the time domain. Detailed description of programmes and services offered.
SightLine Applications
Provides software solutions for tracking of unmanned aircraft including SLA-1000, an embedded video stabilization and tracking system for airborne video applications.
ThrustCurve: Flight Simulator Programs
Provides information on a number of different rocket flight simulators.
Zona Technology
Advanced aeroelastic, aeroservoelastic, flutter and flight loads software products.
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