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ARC Network
The Accident Reconstruction Communications Network is for the industry of accident reconstruction dedicated to research and communication.
Autoliv Crash Testing
Provides information on the crash testing facilities at Autoliv.
The Center for Advanced Product Evaluation offers barrier crash, vibration, rollover, sled, durability, environmental, and pendulum testing, computer simulation and data analysis. Includes detailed information about each kind of test and how to contact them.
CIREN: Crash Injury Research
A multi-center research program involving a collaboration of clinicians and engineers in academia, industry, and government.
Compass Computing
Offer services including locating software of use to the accident investigator and reconstructionist, information on web design, programming and other services available in Kent and London, UK.
Conferences for Collision Reconstruction
Accident reconstruction and traffic investigation conferences, education, training and classes. List of conferences with pointers to registration, as well as companies who run courses and training.
D. Wylie Associates
Provide analyses on driver fatigue, driving safety, and forensic human factors for the purpose of Accident Reconstruction.
Diversified Technical Systems
Provide Data Acquisition Systems for Crash Testing and other applications. Products, technical support information and how to contact them.
EME Corporation
Offer ruggedized Data Acquisition Systems for automotive and military crash testing. Products and services offered, general information about the company and related links.
First Technology Safety Systems,the worlds largest manufacturer of crash test dummies and finite element models of them.
GMH Engineering
Provides data acquisition systems of many sorts, including facial load sensing Hybrid III crash test dummy heads, vehicle crash testing, handling tests, structural force/deflection roll-over tests; forensic engineering, accident investigation, accident reconstruction and expert witnessing.
Independent, nonprofit, research and communications organizations funded by auto insurers and dedicated to reducing highway crash deaths, injuries and property losses.
International Road Assessment Program
iRAP targets high-risk roads in developing countries where large numbers of people are killed and injured, and inspects them to identify where affordable programmes of safety engineering can reduce accidents.
Jianbo Lu
Technical Specialist. Includes Dr. Lu's papers and patents in vehicle dynamics control, stability control, semi-autonomous systems, integrated sensing system, control system integration and active safety.
MDE International, Inc.
A supplier of real world vehicle testing services and fleet management services for the transportation industry. Includes information on test sites, services offered, company profile and how to contact.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is responsible for reducing deaths, injuries and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes by issuing regulations involving automotive safety, known as Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).
A Note on Automobile Cruise Control Faults and Sudden Acceleration
A discussion of the possible failure modes of automobile cruise control systems, with special reference to alleged incidents of sudden uncontrolled acceleration.
Notices and Final Rules
NHTSA's Notices of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) and Final Rules.
Society of Automotive Engineers, advancing mobility in Land, Sea, Air and Space.
The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute provides a setting where its research scientists and other university faculty collaborate to accomplish multidisciplinary transportation research.
Company offers crash data retrieval via the airbag SDM module for General Motors (GM) vehicles. Component specifications, sample data, and contact information.
Xprts, LLC
Provides vehicular accident analysis, specializing in roof crush and rollovers. Services offered include studying and testing accident vehicles to determine failures, and researching safety equipment and occupant protection measures.
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