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American Fireworks News
Information about recent events in fireworks.
Audio Attenuation Data
Why do close fireworks go 'pop' while distant ones go 'boom'? Here's a table showing frequency loudness loss for various distances and air humidities.
Consumer Firework Central
A guide to choosing, purchasing, and using, safe and reliable consumer fireworks. Includes specific fireworks reviews, safety tips, and suggestions for your show.
Create your own virtual fireworks show.
Fireworks display in Reykjavik, Iceland
Fireworks pics and a movie from the Reykjavik Cultural Night in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Fireworks Fanatic
Safety, news, buying guide, fun zone and a phantom fireworks buying guide.
Fireworks Magazine
Britain's only periodical for fireworks enthusiasts and the trade. News, reviews, displays and history of pyrotechnics and fireworks.
Fireworks Photos
Photographs taken from fireworks displays in Ontario.
A comprehensive site on consumer fireworks featuring forums, product reviews, safety tips and a dealer directory.
History of Fireworks
Explains how they developed from the original Chinese invention.
Paul's Pyrotechnics Page
Personal site about the Montréal International Pyromusical Competition.
Pyrotechnic Innovations
Mike Tockstein's upcoming fireworks displays, how to become part of a professional fireworks display crew, fireworks photo gallery, fireworks links, and pyrotechnic research.
UK Fireworks Review
Provides articles, safety guides and consumer advice. Includes a forum and archives.
W's Fireworks Events Calendar
Comprehensive list, frequently updated, of worldwide fireworks displays with links, information, dates, and phone numbers.

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