Information about software for using in prospecting, ore-body estimation, mine design, and other mining-related applications. Includes sites for businesses selling such software.

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Associative Neuron Systems: Artificial Foreteller
A self-building neural network that can be applied for solar flare prediction, oil prospecting, mineral exploration and other purposes.
Aventurine Engineering, Inc.
Designs and produces software used by cost estimators in the minerals industry. Includes pricing and online ordering facility.
MineGeo Mine Site Geology Mapping Software
Develops and markets CAD-based software for 3D data capture in underground and open cut mines.
Minemax: Planning and Scheduling Software
Specialists in providing mine scheduling and optimization solutions to the mining industry.
Mining Information Systems
MIS specialises in the development of software solutions for production reporting, technical data systems and administration systems.
Mintec, Inc.
Software for mine design, evaluation, geologic modeling, surveying, geostatistics and scheduling on open pit, underground, coal, metal and non-metal mines. Product specifications and company profile.
Ms2 Data Solutions, Inc.
Supply user-driven database applications and consulting services for coal and other energy mining.
Specialist data logging software for use in the mining and exploration industries.
Oniqua Enterprise Analytics
Provides software and services for inventory, procurement, reliability and maintenance analytics for mining, oil and gas, and utilities.
QMASTOR: Mining Software
Technology company providing specialist software and services to the global mining, port, power generation and bulk commodity industries.
Rift Software
Supply tailings deposition modelling software. Includes downloadable trial software, manuals, and tutorials.
ThoroughTec Simulation
Supplies heavy equipment training simulators to the mining, construction and military industries around the world.
Zen Technologies: Mining Equipment Training Simulator
Design, development and manufacture of mining training simulators which use 3D computer generated imagery and provides realistic motion feel, visuals and sounds. The training progresses from equipment familiarization to advanced levels of training and testing under complex driving scenarios.
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