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This subcategory covers all facets of Ballistic Missile Defense, from Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) coined "Star Wars" to the 1990's versions of tactical missile defense systems such as the Patriot.

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Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty Documents Archive
Documents and research material on the Bush and Clinton administration's policies toward the ABM Treaty.
Army Technology: MEADS Defense System
Unofficial project information on the Medium Extended Air Defense System, the proposed replacement to the Patriot anti-ballistic missile system. Includes technical data and an image gallery.
Army Technology: THAAD Defense System
Unofficial project information on the Theatre High Altitude Area Defense System, an anti-ballistic missile system designed to complement MEADS and Patriot batteries. Includes image gallery and technical specifications.
Ballistic Missile Defense and Northeast Asian Security: Views From Washington, Beijing, and Tokyo
Reports from a series of roundtables involving US, Japanese, and Chinese experts and officials on the impact of US missile defense deployments on Northeast Asian security, identifying areas of conflict and potential compromise.
Database of Ballistic Missiles
A database of ballistic missiles around the world, with technical specifications, range and status.
A source for news and security information, including missile defense programs.
Heritage Foundation: Missile Defense
Recent studies and publications by the Heritage Foundation on the subject of ballistic missile defense.
High Frontier
Non-government authority on missile defense, arms control, nuclear weapons and strategic systems. Publishes articles, undertakes research and provides congressional testimony.
How Missiles Can Save the World
Article by Gordon Feller, dated October 2009, examining President Obama's plans for missile defense in Europe.
Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance
Non-profit organization which seeks to generate public support for the continued testing, development and deployment of missile defense systems to protect the US and its allies.
Missile Defense Agency
US agency charged with developing, testing and fielding an integrated Ballistic Missile Defense System. History, photos, information about goals and technologies, and resources for prospective employees and contractors.
Project undertaken by the Claremont Institute devoted to understanding and promoting the strategic defense of the United States, in particular, against ballistic missile attacks.
National Missile Defense Act of 1999
Text of the 1999 act, passed overwhelmingly by Congress, making it the policy of the United States to deploy a national missile defense system as soon as technologically possible.
Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces
Site devoted to Russian strategic forces, including ballistic missiles, operated by Pavel Podvig.
Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex
Unofficial site providing pictures and documents relating to the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in North Dakota, the United States' only operational anti-ballistic missile defense system.
Strategic Defense Initiative News - Topix
News on SDI and missile defense collected from diverse sources on the web.
Terminal High Altitude Area Defense
Information from Wikipedia on this United States Army system to shoot down short and medium range ballistic missiles.
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