Sites for companies or individual analytical laboratories that have established procedures in place to perform tests on submitted samples, to identify, assay, analyze, or aid research.
For sites offering services primarily to analyse chemicals in materials or products, try Science: Chemistry: Analytical: Products and Services: Testing Services.

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Absolute Geometries
Offers 3D scanning services for reverse engineering and computer aided inspection.
Adirondack Environmental Services, Inc.
Offers industrial hygiene, product and material testing in Latham, headquartered in Albany, New York.
Advanced Measurement Labs., Inc.
Reverse engineering using dimensional digitizing in 2D and 3D, with custom scanning available from Sun Valley, California.
Anachem Laboratories
Specializing in materials degradation for metals, polymers, and coatings, offering physical and chemical analysis since 1948 from El Segundo, California.
Applied Consumer Services, Inc.
Offers formulation, deformulation, failure analysis and testing of consumer products, water and air. Includes range of technical consulting, non-medical forensic testing and expert testimony from Hialeah Gardens, FL.
C&P Catalyst, Inc.
Coils and coupons prepared, cleaned, polished and sealed in an inert atmosphere for ASTM testing. In business since 1966 at Tulsa, OK.
Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Offers testing services using infrared spectroscopy, elemental analysis, ion exchange chromatography and scanning electron microscopy. Includes overview of applications, equipment, prices and contacts in Newark, Delaware.
CSZ Sub-Zero Testing Laboratory
Environmental testing laboratory providing vibration, reliability, corrosion, shock and temperature testing.
Delft Solids Solutions BV.
Offering measurement of porosity by adsorption isotherms of inert gases (physisorption) and reactive gases (chemisorption) or mercury porosimetry and helium pycnometry. Sample submission to Delft, The Netherlands.
EcoSafe Natural Products Inc.
Company specializing in natural pesticides, fertilizers, personal care and research and development of analyses for other industries. Contacts for office in Blaine, WA and Saanichton, Canada.
H&M Analytical Services, Inc.
Offers X-ray diffraction services and electron microscopy studies, with expert witness and litigation support from Allentown, NJ.
Impact Analytical
Offer molecular characterization, using instruments including FT-IR, MALDI-TOF for peptide analysis, CE for DNA sequencing, chromatography, microscopy and thermal analysis. Research with Michigan Molecular Institute at Midland, MI.
IMR Test Labs
Offers materials analysis, product testing, reverse engineering, failure analysis, lab management and other testing services.
Kidao Laboratories
Offer chemical, mechanical non-destructive testing of rubber, plastics, paints and grease. Metallography includes welders qualification procedures, corrosion and failure analysis at Chennai, India.
Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
Operates a network of laboratories capable of providing contract research, biological and chemical analyses on food, pharmaceuticals, and environmental samples, throughout the USA, from headquarters in Wexford, Pennsylvania.
MicroMaterials Research
Specialist in microanalysis for developing new products using scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy, infrared and x-ray at Burr Ridge, IL.
Microns to Measure
Particle size analysis service for water, sediments and all types of industrial materials. Based in Victoria, Australia.
Perfect Test House
Offers vibration analysis, non destructive testing, condition monitoring, balancing, thickness survey, flow measurement, thermography, ultrasonic testing and energy audit. Based in Rampur (U.P), India.
PhotoMetrics, Inc.
Offers chemical analysis and materials characterization primarily for manufacturing and litigation. Instrumentation includes X-ray, Auger and FTIR spectroscopies, and imaging with SEM and AFM at Huntington Beach, CA.
Process NMR Associates
Solid and liquids analysis by NMR and chemometric applications in the refining, petrochemical and food industries. Provides explanation of techniques and facilities at Danbury, CT.
The QC Group
Offers 3D scanning, reverse engineering, dimensional inspection, quality-related training and staffing services.
Reliable Analysis, Inc.
Mechanical, molding, failure analysis, life cycle, cyclic corrosion, deployment and automotive testing in Troy, MI.
A global company offering verification, testing, and certification in the areas of agriculture, minerals, petroleum, and consumer products. More than 1000 offices worldwide with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
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