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Bureau International des Poids et Mesures
Ensures world-wide uniformity of measurements and their traceability to the International System of Units (SI). Includes scientific work, publications, the metre convention, meetings, committee reports and contacts at Sèvres, France.
Coordinate Measurement Systems Committee
International group of close tolerance, industrial measurement specialists, users and manufacturers of alignment systems, targeting hardware, electronic theodolites, photogrammetry / videogrammetry systems, laser radar and trackers. Includes details of conference at Greenville, South Carolina.
Czech Metrological Institute
National metrological body active in fundamental metrology, calibration of measuring instruments, type approvals of legal measuring instruments, and their verification and inspection. Contacts for laboratories throughout the republic, from Prague.
Danish Institute of Fundamental Metrology
Primarily supporting national industry with metrological knowledge and calibrations with international recognition. Includes priced services in electrolytic conductivity, optical power and wavelength, surface topography. Course in precision and nanometrology, and news about nanotechnology.
European Virtual Institute of Geometry Measurement
EVIGeM offers help in geometrical or calibration problems, through a network of partners, including SMEs, LSEs, research institutes, calibration centers and individual experts. Contacts at the Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science, Germany.
Measurement Standards Laboratory
Ensures that national units of measurement are consistent with the SI system. Part of Industrial Research Limited, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.
National Measurement and Regulation Office
The role of the executive agency in type approval, EMC and environmental testing, such as ensuring that micropipette measurement is accurate, fair and legal, for the Department of Trade and Industry, UK.
National Measurement System
The National Measurement Act, legal metrology, authorities, trade measurement, training at the National Standards Commission, Australia.
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
National institute for science and technology for the field of metrology and physical safety engineering, as the highest technical authority of Germany.
Swiss Federal Office for Metrology and Accreditation
Activities, accreditation, legal aspects, fields of measurement, definitions of metric, SI, US and UK units.
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