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Advanced Design Technology
ADT offers the TURBOdesign suite package of programs for the development of advanced turbomachinery design in order to improve the performance of the components. Description of products, their applications and background information.
Caedium Panel Flow
The site offers an easy to use panel method for gas or liquid flow around and through streamlined shapes such as wings.
Control Engineering Sweden
Offers FlowCalc32, a software application for ISO 5167 calculation of venturi, nozzle, orifice and other differential pressure flow meters.
Engineered Software
PIPE-FLO, the fluid flow hydraulic analysis and pump selection software used to design, optimize and troubleshoot fluid piping systems.
The Engineering Page
Webbased calculation and information services. The available calculations include pressure drop, line sizing, pump applications, centrifugal pump sizing and heat exchangers including thermal rating.
Provide free download software for engineering of fossil power plants, including pipe sizing and compressible steam flow analyses. In Korean and English.
Provides software tools (C++ classes, DLLs and OCXs) for the flow measurement engineering. These can be incorporated into the new developments. Descriptions, downloads and documentation.
Flexware, Inc.
Software for the selection and testing of Steam Turbines and Gas Compressors. Assistance is available regarding performance problems.
Flow of Fluids
Piping software for small piping systems fluid flow analysis and simulation, and the official provider of the Crane Technical Paper 410 (TP410).
HBTeam Engineering Web Site
Fluid dynamics engineering software applied to turbomachines. Technical articles and software download.
Offers a tool for the prestudy of fluid machinery. Demo version available.
Pipe Flow Analysis and Design Software
A large collection of online fluid flow calculations. Some fee and some free.
Pipe Flow Calculation
Online flow calculations for pressure drop, natural gas pipe flow calculation, Venturi and Orifice.
Pipe Flow Software
Calculation of Fluid Flow and Pressure Drop in pipe networks. Programs include Pipes, Fittings and Fluids databases. Software can be downloaded for a free trial.
R.W. Miller & Associates, Inc.
Flow measurement engineers. Offers software for orifice sizing, nozzles, venturies, multi-port averaging pitot and V-cones.
Oil and gas flow calculation software for metering engineers covering a wide range of international standards.
Produces Caedium, an expandable computational fluid dynamics system to assess the performance of concept designs by creating geometry, simulating fluid flow and heat transfer and visualizing results.
Tahoe Design Software
for piping design and pump selection software. Free software downloads are available at their website.
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