This category is for companies or individual laboratories specializing in performing tests on submitted samples, including mechanical, fracture and hardness testing, chemical and corrosion testing.
Cambridge Materials Testing Limited
Independent testing laboratory in Cambridge, Ontario Canada. Metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, coatings and environmental analysis are performed.
Chemir Analytical Services
Testing lab offers investigative analysis, deformulation, reverse engineering, materials identification, failure analysis, consulting, litigation support.
Consolidated Engineering Laboratories
Materials testing and evaluation and other services.
Delft Solids Solutions B.V.
Contract research laboratory with main emphasis on particle testing and characterization including particle size, particle shape, porosity, pore size, surface area, density and flowability.
Provides contract lab services, and surface testing and measurement instruments for nano/micro scale physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal and electrical property characterization of thin films, coatings and bulk materials.
JFP Technical Services
Independent failure analysis and materials testing laboratory offering expert services in failure analysis, comparison analysis, reverse engineering, product and production troubleshooting, and witness expert testimony.
Metallurgical Services
Material testing services including fracture toughness, fatigue, ctod, tensile and impact testing.
Independent materials engineering and testing organization. Services include project engineering, specimen preparation, mechanical testing, metallographic services and coatings evaluation.
Nuclear Research Institut: Mechanical Properties Department
Mechanical properties testing of materials including radioactive materials in the Czech Republik. Tests include fracture toughness, tensile strength, charpy and hardness.
Precision Measurements and Instruments Corporation (PMIC)
Testing services include coefficient of thermal expansion, coefficient of moisture expansion, mechanical properties, optical properties, specific heat, non-destructive testing, electrical properties and metrology.
Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd
Provides testing services for engineering, building and other materials, food, cosmetics, environmental and microbiological testing. Also provides calibration services, inspections and training.
Sun Advanced Product Testing Lab
Located in Colorado, provides vibration, shock, temperature and humidity testing, salt fog exposure and altitude testing.
Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc.
Provides a wide range of industrial materials testing services, including mechanical, fracture, and hardness testing, chemical and corrosion testing and heat treatment services. Pennsylvania, USA.
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