Science Technology Materials Research Groups and Centers
Most research activities will either occur in academic departments or in research institutes (which may either be in universities or external). Both of these are included in this category.

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Active Materials Laboratory
Research and development of smart materials, piezoelectric materials, shape memory alloys, magnetostrictive composites, and health monitoring and microelectromechanical systems.
Boston College, EMXRD Facility
The electron microscopy and X-ray Diffraction facility offers services to the academic and industry communities and informs about facilities, services and hourly user fee rates.
Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research in Materials (CIMAT)
Presents its main activities, including a list of publications. [Santiago, Chile]
Centre for Material Forming (CEMEF)
Solid and fluid mechanics, metal and polymer physics and chemistry.
Dannalab B.V.
A contract research firm specialized in the characterization of pharmaceuticals offering cGMP/GLP characterisation based on X-Ray Powder Diffraction XRD (XRPD), Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS), and complementary methods. Based in The Netherlands. Presents details on services and methods.
Device Materials Group
Research programme on magnetic and superconducting materials, oxides, nitrides and carbides. Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge.
Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research
Research and development in the field of materials, especially high-performance ceramics, polymers and composites as well as on concrete, wood and biocompatible materials.
Federal Laboratory Consortium
Promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide. 700 major federal laboratories and centers and their parent departments and agencies are FLC members.
FundaciĆ³n ITMA: Materials Technological Institute
The Steel and Metallic Materials Technological Centre is focused on applied research in the metal industry. The Non-Metallic Materials Technological Centre is focused on research into ceramic and refractory materials, plastic and building materials and the packaging industry.
Georgia Tech Research Institute
The applied research arm of the Institute provides information on its work and the capabilities of its laboratories.
Institute for Building Materials
Research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, is focused on different forms of matter including concrete and other brittle disordered materials, wood, steel and stainless steel.
Institute for Building Materials and Materials Chemistry
The University of Siegen, Germany, works in the interdisciplinary area of building and material chemistry.
Institute for Superhard Materials
The Institute is engaged in the development of processes for production and application of synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride and other superhard materials, high-density high-tech ceramics, and cemented carbides.
Israel Institute of Technology: Dynamic Fracture Laboratory
Research is focused on the mechanics and physics of high rate deformation and fracture. Includes details of activities and people, movies and publications.
Labor Dr. C. H. Weischer - Biomedical Innovation
Laboratory offers services in material and environmental research by means of electron microscopy and scanning force microscopy, image analysis, scientific consulting and seminars. Bonn, Germany.
Materials and Electrochemical Research Corporation
Company in Arizona whose research areas include advanced composites and coatings, fullerenes and nanotubes, porous materials, and energy conversion systems (batteries, fuel cells, gas storage).
Materials Science Institute of Madrid
Contains general information, departments, equipment of the laboratories and currently research topics. [Madrid, Spain]
Materials Technology Institute
Technology development organization representing private industry, performing generic studies on materials of construction used in the process industries. Information about membership and projects, and newsletter archive.
Nonmetallic Inorganic Materials Group
Department of Materials at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland. Undertaking research into functional ceramics, structural ceramics, colloidal chemistry for ceramic processing and modelling materials behaviour using the CALPHAD approach.
North Carolina State University: Ade Research Group
Undertaking research into fabrication and materials, synchrotron methods and device physics. Includes people, techniques and publications.
R. Vogel Research Laboratory
Investigation of non-Newtonian fluids, suspensions, dispersions and mixtures of fluids and bulk materials by rheological analysis and identification tests.
Ray C. Broce Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
Geotechnical Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma
Sheffield Hallam University: Materials and Engineering Research Institute
Research at MERI covers a broad range of topics including thin films and sensors, physical vapour deposition, semiconductor characterisation, theory of semiconductor materials and optics, and photovoltaics.
Synchrotron X-ray Topography Laboratory, SUNY Stony Brook
Undertaking research into advanced materials that are being developed for high technology applications.
Texas Materials Institute
Graduate education and research in materials science and engineering. Includes overview, research areas, personnel profiles and facilities.
Textile and Leather Research Institute
National institute for research and development of the Romanian textile and leather industries. News, technical articles, products and services. English and Romanian.
Trinity College Dublin, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials
The course deals with subjects such as fractal growth, crystal structure and adsorption. Information for prospective and current students.
U.S. Department of Energy, Division of Materials Sciences
Materials research in the field of energy technologies, comprising metallurgy, ceramics, solid state physics and materials chemistry. Contains details about the program, staff, user facilities and news.
UK Centre for Materials Education
The Centre promotes good and innovative learning and teaching practices, as informed by research, in the disciplines related to, and using, materials.
University of Aberystwyth: Materials Physics
Research is focused on the structure of non-crystalline materials, nanocrystalline and high-temperature ceramics, optical characterization, semiconductor thin films and surfaces, integrated detectors, complex fluids and flow processes, and the structure and dynamics of foams.

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