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Artificial Muscle Research Institute
The ultimate goal of the AMRI is to become the world's leading institution in artificial muscle research, development, and applications.
Biological and Soft Systems
Research group at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University
Center for Polymer Studies, Boston
Does interdisciplinary research in aspects of polymer, random, and fractal systems and develop experimental and computational materials for education. Information on projects, free software download, tutorials, and an annotated image gallery of scientific visualization models.
Institute for Polymer Research (University of Waterloo)
Creative polymer science and engineering and expertise in modern polymer production/processing/characterization technology.
Institute for Polymer Technologie
Research Institute based in Stuttgart, Germany. Description and information about Research areas, literature, courses and lectures.
Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers
Part of Italian national research programme. Composed of: Synthetic Polymers Research Group; Natural Polymers Research Group; Mass Spectrometry Facility; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility.
Institute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University
Includes information on the lab, the Centre for Analysis and Testing of Plastics, main research areas, news and events. In German and English.
Institute of Polymer Research
Dresden, Germany. Conducts application oriented fundamental research on polymers by providing the scientific fundamentals for development and improvement of polymer materials and technologies and includes chemical synthesis, modifications, characterization and testing of materials and technological investigations on polymer processing.
Intelligent Polymer Research Institute
An Australian Research Institute at the University of Wollongong, with national and international research links in the area of intelligent polymers.
Laboratory for Material Processing, Mixing, and Environmental Studies
At Clemson University is the birthplace of polymer blends and composites formed by chaotic advection. Offers industry trials on chaotic mixer and tutorial on smart blending and chaotic mixing.
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Undertakes basic research on polymers and their chemical and physical properties. Includes information for scientists, employees, visitors, journalists and alumni.
MIT's Polymer Processing Lab
Research directed toward building a fundamental understanding of structure development during polymer processing in multiphase systems such as blends, composites, and impact additives. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Ormecon Chemie GmbH and Co., KG
Perform basic and applied research devoted to chemistry, physics, dispersion, processing and applications of conductive polymers. Includes the first organic metal, a polyaniline, with surprising properties.
Plastics Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Offers analytical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, rheological, and optical properties of plastics and resins based on ASTM standards. It also provides a brief description of tests.
Polymer Diagnostics, Inc.
Offers various polymer testings. The testing includes chemical, physical, and optical characteristics for both polymer material and its end use applications.
Polymer Engineering Center
Part of the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Page includes information about research, the laboratory facilities, and educational programs available.
Polymer Synergies LLC
Conducts contract polymer science and engineering research and development. The work is related to polymer, composite materials, adhesive and additives, surface science, polymer characteristics, simulation, and chemometric and informatics.
A service providing research centre in the field of polymers including plastics, rubber, adhesives, composites, and biomedical polymers. Located in Groningen, The Netherlands.
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