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ALB Crystallography Journals
Crystallography resources and links, Powder Diffractometry, Rietveld method, Structure Determination, VRML, RMC, polymer chemistry, ISI's 10858 Most Cited Chemists.
American Chemical Society Publications: Macromolecules
Covering significant advances in all fundamental aspects of polymer chemistry, the American Chemical Society's Macromolecules is a long-established, international journal that provides an essential framework for future polymer research.
Cambridge Chemical Journals
International journal of polymer analysis and pharmaceutical sciences.
Canadian Plastics Magazine
Monthly publication for the global plastics industry. Business news, and market and technology features. Buyers' guide, and company directory. Calendar of events. Article archive.
Chemical Week
Weekly journal providing news , directories and advertising to the chemical industry
Colloid and Polymer Science
International journal devoted to colloid and polymer science and its interdisciplinary interactions as well as trends of contemporary materials science.
Distributed, self-organizing electronic referred journals on selected topics on complex systems and related sciences.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science
Published online by Wiley InterScience. Includes peer-reviewed original research papers on any phase of the chemistry or physics of large molecules which have a practical applicability.
Kriss Library
Polymer journals of the Korean research library.
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
This journal contains original research papers in all current areas of macromolecular chemistry and physics as well as book reviews and conference reports.
Macromolecular Symposia
Macromolecular Symposia presents contributions in the field of macromolecular chemistry and physics selected from international meetings.
New Materials International
Includes a of materials developments and news from around the world, relevant to polymer industries.
Plastics Engineering Magazine
Focuses on industry news and perspectives, and the latest developments in machinery, processing, and materials technology.
Plastics Hotline
Weekly publication for plastics processing equipment, materials, supplies, packaging, converting and material handling markets.
Plastics Technology
Monthly journal providing information on polymer and equipment technology to the plastic industry .
Plastics Today
Online magazine for Injection Molding and Modern Plastics Worldwide magazines. Includes news, articles, forums, blogs, resin pricing and other topics.
Polymer Chemistry Journals
Polymer and macromolecule journals and publications. All aspects of organic and inorganic polymer science discussed.
Polymer International
Publishes original research papers on new developments in all branches of macromolecular science and technology, including biopolymers, polymer chemistry, polymer physics and industrial polymer science.
Polymer Journal
Online journal publishing original research articles, reviews, notes and rapid communications.
Polymer Journal of Japan
Japanese society of polymer chemists' official journals.
Polymer Latex Film
Index of Site about Polymer Latices and Latex Films by Dr. Paul Steward, Scientist. Provides links to pages about polymer latex films, controlled release devices, and penetrant permeation.
Polymer Processing
Source of fundamental information for professionals and students in the polymer processing industry .
Rubber World
Site map with listing of, consultants, materials, equipment, additives and more topics of interest to the rubber industry.
Society of Plastics Engineers Journal
Journal of plastic polymers and engineering
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