Manufacturing Prototyping is the art and science of making physical models of manufactured products. Companies use these models, or "prototypes," to evaluate new product designs before investing in full-scale production. Prototypes are traditionally sculpted by hand from clay, wood, or resin, or, are painstakingly milled from blocks of metal. Today, "rapid prototyping" machines linked to computers running prototype build software quickly sculpt special plastic or metallic compounds with lasers, leaving only fine finishing to human craftsmen. This category lists resources for Manufacturing Prototyping machine builders, materials manufacturers, and service providers. It also provides links to prototyping tutorials, research information, and relevant publications. Software resources in this directory are currently limited to programs for building, or preparing to build, products on rapid prototyping machines. The much broader class of "virtual prototyping" software for activities such as finite element analysis and solid modeling are found in the CAD CAM CAE category.

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3D Prototyping Pte Ltd
Singapore based prototype service bureau with tooling and moulding facilities in Malaysia.
4Wave Inc.
Provides customized consulting services and products related to vacuum equipment, ion beam and thin film and optical industries.
Advanced Design Consulting, Inc.
Advanced Design Consulting expertise and activities are primarily related to engineering design, research and development, testing and custom fabrication.
ALTA Manufacturing, Inc.
Specialize in prototype to medium volume production of mid to high technology printed curcuit board assemblies.
Athena Manufacturing LP
Offer SLS rapid prototyping, close-tolerance prototype and production, CNC machining, investment and sand casting pattern manufacturing .
Bralin Laser Services
Laser machine services, Mitsubishi laser systems, prototypes, production runs, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
CA Models
Established by craftsman and entrepreneur Clark Campbell, to produce one-off appearance and engineering models, the company is now recognised as a market leader. Equipped with cutting edge technology and highly skilled personnel the company supports the rapid prototyping requirements of the product development industry, world-wide.
Central Pattern - Rapid Prototyping
Patterns, molds, castings, prototype machining, and rapid prototyping for the foundry, automotive, and heavy equipment industries from Pro/E, UG, and I-DEAS solid models.
Clinkenbeard & Associates
Prototype, aluminum, and iron castings, CNC machining, rapid prototyping. SLA, SLS, FDM, LOM, stereolithography, rapid tooling, foundry tooling, foundry patterns, and models.
Design Alternatives LLC
Full service product development firm offering rapid prototyping and tooling.
DJH Engineering Limited
Provide contract and fine metal castings, finishing, fast turnaround prototyping, zinc alloy castings from hard and soft masters, white metal, lead-free pewter and zinc.
Supplier of custom parts and components and machine prototypes. Also specialize in rapid production and design for metal, plastic and aluminum parts on demand.
Automatic foam cutting cnc machines, used in model foam wings, wheels, packing, shipping
Leading supplier of precision thin metal parts manufactured to your specifications including: RF Shields, Screens, Gaskets, Washers, Shims, Apertures, Encoders, Filter Housings, Isolators, Circulators, Antennae, Misc. Microwave and RFI/EMI components. Parts in two days to two weeks.
Future Die Cast and Engineering, Inc.
Specialize in die cast prototypes made from production tooling and materials.
Givmar Precision Machining
Specializes in Aerospace and Marine prototype machining.
Lacey Manufacturing Inc
Design, develop, and manufacture prototypes and test systems for distributed power, transportation and industrial applications.
A leading toy prototype manufacturer. A wide range of customized gifts, figurines and products made of resin.
McLellan Engineering Inc.
Design consultants for a wide range of manufacturing technologies, including injection-molded plastics, progressive die formed sheet metal, die cut labels, and mechanical engineering support for surface-mounted printed circuit boards.
Penta Pattern and Model Ltd.
UK specialist manufacturers of prototype and pre-production tooling, moulds, models, gauges, jigs, fixtures and RIM moulded plastic components. Describes their services and capabilities.
Precision Mold Technologies, Inc.
Company in Miami, Florida, USA offering a CNC and EDM machine shop specializing in metal fabrication, prototypes, surgical prototypes and medical instruments.
Protosys technologies Private Ltd
Offers a variety of rapid prototyping and tooling techniques .
Prototier-1 Inc.
ISO-9001 registered company offering prototypes, assemblies and short run services.
Quasar Industries
Design, manufacture, and distribution of advanced rapid metal prototypes. Services also include laser cutting, welding, and drilling; EDM; precision metal stamping; virtual stamping analysis.
Rainford Models Ltd.
A small team of professional modelmakers for architects, industrial designers, photographers and advertising agencies.

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