These sites contain information about common problems with foods, and ways to minimise them or give news of any problems which have been reported.

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2008 Chinese Milk Scandal
Comprehensive information from Wikipedia on the food safety incident in the People's Republic of China involving milk and infant formula which had been adulterated with melamine.
24th Annual NW Food Safety and Sanitation Workshop
The Northwest Food Sanitation Workshop addresses basic sanitation as well as cutting edge issues related to food sanitation and food safety. Topics having broad interest are covered in the general sessions. More specific subjects are discussed in small breakout sessions.
Bad Bug Book
Information about foodborne pathogenic micro-organisms and natural toxins, including habitat or source, associated foods, infective dose, disease symptoms, complications, outbreaks, and susceptible populations.
EFSA: Members and Competent Authorities
Provides links to the organisations responsible for food safety and risk assessment throughout the European Union.
EU Science Education Media
Film content on European health and food safety research. Biotechnological risks, discussion, teaching materials for users: educators, film producers.
European Food Safety Authority
EFSA provides independent scientific advice to member national authorities on existing and emerging risks in food safety.
FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Run by the Food and Drug Administration. Program areas covering production and hazards, biotechnology, food additives, cosmetics, pesticides, dietary supplements, foodborne illnesses, labeling, import and export, and inspection and enforcement. Page Lists history of the facility and meeting times.
Fight Bac
Works to educate consumers about safe food handling. Includes news, educator resources, fact sheets and activity sheets.
Food Contact Materials
Provides information about materials that come into contact with food under EU harmonized directives and regulations.
Food Handler Certification Classes of Austin
Safe Food 4 U teaches Food Handler Certification Classes in Austin, TX to ensure food safety and comply with law.Contact
Food Hygiene Training
Food hygiene training distance learning certificated by the CPD Certification Service.
Food Safety and Hygiene
Blog covering food systems (ISO 22000, PAS, BRC, IFS, GSSC 22000), food safety video, food contamination, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.
Food Safety and Inspection Service
Activities, news, product recalls and other consumer information, publications, educational programs and details of the organization.
Food Safety and Quality Jamaica
Includes food safety news, fact sheets, proper hand washing techniques, hot and cold holding temperatures, foodborne pathogens, chemical contaminants, HACCP regulatory issues and social projects.
Food Safety and Substitutions
Concise articles answering common questions related to food preparation in the home.
Food Safety Information
News, articles, government information and journal on food safety, foodborne pathogen detection methods, forum, discussions, and chat room. [Requires free registration for full access.]
Food Safety Research Information Office
Has online database of food safety research projects funded by government and new food products being tested for approval.
Food Safety Summit
Features trade show on food safety, food security, and quality assurance. Includes information for attendees and exhibitors, calendar of events, and industry resources.
Food Standards Agency
Independent UK government department set up to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food.
Foodborne Illnesses
An encyclopedia article on foodborne illnesses, including definition, symptoms and mortality, incubation period, infectious dose, pathogenic agents, outbreaks and political issues.
Includes news, safety alerts and information for consumers and general assistance for the food industry. News
Highlights of recent food safety news from Federal agencies in the US.
International Association for Food Protection
An organization of food safety professionals committed to advancing food safety worldwide by providing members with a forum to exchange information on protecting the global food supply.
International Life Sciences Institute
Furthers the understanding of scientific issues relating to nutrition, food safety, toxicology, risk assessment, and the environment by bringing together scientists from academia, government and industry.
Iowa State University Extension: Food Safety Project
Links to news and resources for educators and consumers and research by the Food Safety Consortium.
ISO 22000 2005: Plain English Overview
The ISO 22000 2005 food safety management system standard translated into non-technical language by Praxiom Research Group Limited.
Legislative Aspects of Food Contact Materials
Gives background, explanations, test procedures, and links of the legal status of food contact materialsin the EU and USA.
Program in Food Safety
Searchable database of safety, preservation by topic, process, restaurant or producers. Also, has contacts and news articles. Produced by Penn State University.
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