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Category scope includes "free energy" concepts and inventions, descriptions of energy inventions that have not yet been successfully demonstrated, concept papers describing potential futuristic technologies that are unrelated to energy technologies now used, articles about energy inventions and R&D efforts that never lived up to the claims that were made for them, and energy technology ideas that are currently considered unorthodox. Many of the concepts described by sites in this category are generally considered to violate the second law of thermodynamics or other laws of physics. Other concepts described here may have merit, but have yet to be successfully demonstrated. Note that symlinks are provided to categories for Cold Fusion and Orgone Energy.

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Atmospheric Vortex Engine
Description of a process for generating mechanical energy from heat creating a vortex.
Business Plan: Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes
Trade plan for the captioned electromotive system, which affects directly the automotive industry. Investors and manufacturers with publicity abilities are requested.
Centrafusion provides on demand technology and information for today's growing need of free energy generators.
EarthTech International
EarthTech International is a privately funded research organization dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in physics.
Gravity Control Technologies
Research company working on commercial implementation of technology capable of controlling gravity for flight.
The Home of Primordial Energy
The papers of Bruce DePalma and Paramahamsa Tewari, relating to the "Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe," said to be a sea of 'free energy' which permeates all. The N-1 Homopolar Generator is one device which is said to be able to "plug in" to this Free Energy.
INE Web Sites (With Active Links)
A huge list of scientific and pseudo-scientific websites concerning or claiming to have various free energy devices.
Infinite Energy
Compilation of information on cold fusion as well as other new/unproven energy technology concepts, including renewables. Also the home of "Infinite Energy Magazine."
John Bedini Battery Recharging Phenomenon
How to extract the energy from the vacuum or from negative resistances in batteries.
John Searl Solution
Discussion about the Searl Effect Generator (SEG). Includes historical and technological aspects.
Josef Hasslberger page of Physics, Economy and New Energy
The energy section of the site contains two articles of interest on hydropower generation, based on the ideas and work of Viktor Schauberger.
Joseph Newman Energy Machine
This inventor claims his revolutionary technology will totally decentralize our access to energy and replace all extant forms of energy production.
Nu Energy Technologies, Inc.
Designs, manufactures, and markets power conversion systems for electronic and electrical systems.
Over Unity Power Research
Documentation and test results of various energy research projects for over unity devices.
PES Network, Inc.
News, other information and links about Tesla technologies and other advanced devices to move society toward abundance of 'free energy'.
Report of Tests on Joseph Newman's Device
Complete text of National Bureau of Standards 1986 test report on Joseph Newman's "Energy Machine." The test established that the device is consistently less than 100% efficient.
RF Energy via Ionospheric Reflection
Presents a concept and experiment data for extracting RF energy from the Solar excitation of the ionospheric layers and a simple reflecting antenna system.
The Tom Bearden Website
A formulation of superelectromagnetics theory and the development of overunity devices. Negative resistance dipoles.
Tribrids, hybrid cars, electric cars, solar cars and fuel cell cars, boats, planes and trucks. A detailed description of the next generation in alternative fuel vehicles, the tribrid.
Yahoo Groups: Free Energy
Discussion list on the topic of free energy claims, covering topics including over unity, Tesla engines, Lee, Newman, Tilley, Pantone, zero point energy, mono poles, and refutation of the laws of thermodynamics. Includes access to archives.
Zero Point Energy
ZPEnergy is a web site devoted to the new energy technology - small scale implementation phase.
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