This section is about the scientific aspects of batteries and storage cells.

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Ancient Inventions
Describes the history and operation of the Baghdad Battery - (about 250 Before Common Era).
Article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Battery Education
Discusses battery technology, uses, and technical elements, with a focus on iPods.
Battery FAQ
Gel versus sealed lead-acid (SLA), deep cycles, ratings.
Battery Knowledge Menu
Battery construction and operation topics from Engineers Edge.
Battery Review
Tested small (AA) rechargeable batteries and chargers in a controlled environment.
Battery Technology Comparison
Rechargeable. Compares AA cells, a few larger batteries, and supercapacitors.
Battery University
Analyzer and charger maker offers web version of book about batteries and how to charge them.
Provides information about betavoltaic technology, batteries, cells and power solutions.
Chino Battery Energy Storage Power Plant
Engineer-of-record report. Energy Citations Database entry describes the largest battery in the world. Abstract of 653 page document.
Choosing and Using Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) Rechargeable Batteries
Provides brief history of rechargeable batteries, characteristics, how to choose and store them, recharge methods, and memory effect information.
Clean Battery Technologies
Theory, research and development, and market-ready energy storage devices that improve the trend toward clean, renewable energy.
Start-up preparing to make aluminum batteries for electric vehicles. "Techniques Compared" graphs characters of different battery types.
Europositron Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries
Wiki-style entry at PureEnergySystems site.
How Stuff Works: Battery
Illustrated explanation of battery function, types, and chemistry; related links. Good basic introduction to how batteries work.
Hydrogen as a Secondary Fuel
Large color photograph of the Hindenberg burning, with lecture notes on hydrogen for fuel cells. Large print, with an e-mail contact.
Integrated Publishing
Collection of US Army documents related to the maintenance and operation of batteries and related equipment.
Lead Acid Battery Technology Comparison
Examines the differences between absorbed glass mat, gel, and flooded lead acid batteries in deep-cycle (marine, and RV) applications.
Magnesium Battery Patents
Compares Aurbach and Matsushita designs.
Multimode Battery Energy Storage System for Custom Power Applications
Technical paper on system at Salt River Project. [PDF]
Telepower Australia
Outside SEI in Japan, Telepower Australia has more experience and technical know-how with VRB than anyone else. Link to bibliography.
Utility Scale Batteries
PESWiki entry from Pure Energy Systems. Includes ideas from readers.
Why Do Large Battery Packs Fail Early?
Resources for Design. Explains problems in batteries with many cells.
Stanford's Nanowire Battery
Page describes improvement to widely used cell type. (December 18, 2007)
Breakthrough Battery for Electric Cars?
Toshiba claims new (Lithium Ion) battery can be recharged to 90 percent capacity in under five minutes. (December 13, 2007)
AEP'S Appalachian Power Unit
Use of commercial-scale energy storage technology. (September 19, 2005)
Sodium Sulfur and Lithium-Metal-Polymer Batteries Show Commercial Promise
Cites 100kW x 7 hr AEP system. [EERE: News] (October 03, 2002)
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