Energy storage technologies help the grid (electric distribution system) handle peaks in demand. Generally these occur once or twice daily. When the energy storage is located near the load (a major city or industry) it can ameliorate problems with security or reliability of linear infrastructure. Storage helps economic dispatch by allowing more efficient power generators to charge energy for peak loads.

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$Windpower-Energy Storage$
17 message thread compares costs for pumped hydro, and batteries, including Vanadium Redox; in context of storage for wind or solar.
Electricity Storage Association
"A non-profit trade association bringing electricity storage solutions to the power industry" links to a tutorial on Energy Storage Technologies
Energy Storage
Wikipedia entry covers history and reasons, has links to related topics, considers your submissions and edits.
Energy Storage
Covers "Why is energy storage important"? Compares methods of storage. Links to details.
Energy Storage Systems
Research Program is part of the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability at DOE (United States of America).
Grid energy storage
Wikipedia entry.
More on Energy Storage
College-level class notes include picture of pumped storage facility, comparison of energy densities, and the CAES heat problem.
Optimal Unit Commitment And Economic Dispatch Of Cogeneration Systems With A Storage (ResearchIndex)
high efficiency gets attention for cogeneration. Text may consider thermal storage with cogeneration.
Stored Electrical Energy Emergency and Standby Power Systems
(NFPA 111) page links to preview and contents, markets full hardcopy ($28 USD)
The Mechanical Battery
"the average person has probably never heard of a flywheel battery, the concept is starting to be taken seriously by commercial and governmental interests". Pictures of components and applications. (October 12, 2007)
A Chemist’s Plan to Save Planet Earth
Rick Smalley says (in interview) that more money should be spent on research into energy storage. [Discover] (February 15, 2005)
Alternative Energy Storage Surprises
Senior Research Analyst writes of first-time costs, power density, and energy density. (June 04, 2001)
Pumped storage for renewable energy
Google group discussion compares pumped storage to Compressed Air Energy Storage, asks why the space cannot be used for nuke waste. (April 21, 1997)
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