Windmills are devices for taking power from the wind, and converting it to other forms of energy which may be applied to specific tasks. There are 3 main categories of windmill:
  • "traditional" English or Dutch style windmills, mostly used for grinding or drainage
  • windpumps, (normally made from metal) used throughout the world for pumping water (and what most Americans think of when they talk of windmills)
  • wind turbines used for generating electricity

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BBC News: Ireland Takes Wind Power Plunge
The Irish Government has approved plans for the world's largest offshore electricity-generating wind farm, to be built on a sandbank in the Irish Sea south of Dublin.
Concerted Action on Offshore Wind Energy in Europe
Introduction of CA-OWEE, reports, site search facility and link for contact. There is a separate password protected area for members, not available to general public.
Kilronan Wind Farm
Ireland wind energy site has ten wind machines that are rated 500 kw. The developer proudly describes this new wind farm.
Nai Kun Windfarm
Wind power project proposed for the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Includes project data and technical information.
NASA: Wind Energy Research Reaps Rewards
Article about the NASA research programs to develop wind power during the energy crisis of the 1970s.
National Wind Technology Center
Studies methods of improving wind turbine technology to make energy from the wind competitive with conventional energy sources. Part of NREL.
NREL: International Programs
Provides information about technology applications, country and supporting activities, staff contacts, and links to NREL village power and renewable energy projects sites.
NRG Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of wind energy assessment equipment (sensors, loggers, towers). Used worldwide, NRG products are among the standards for the international wind energy industry.
Educational resource devoted to offshore wind energy developments. Includes forum, reports, articles and data on different projects.
Weblog by Thomas O. Gray, Deputy Executive Director of the American Wind Energy Association.
Sandia National Laboratory-Wind Energy Technology
Sandia National Laboratory employs a multifaceted approach to the development of economical wind systems for power generation.
Scottish Wind Assessment Project (SWAP)
Research program to promote a thorough investigation of the claims made for and against the use of wind-generated energy. Includes projects overview, data and publications.
Wikipedia: Wind power
Includes history, mechanics, energy management and economics.
Wind Energy: Technology and Planning
Wind energy education material with photos, videos and comprehensive texts. Addresses technology, planning, operation, maintenance and grid integration.
The Wind Power
Resource dedicated to wind turbines and windfarms in the world. Includes pictures galleries, technical data and videos. [English, French]
Wind Power Generation
A guide to generating electricity from wind power.
Wind Resource Atlas of the United States
Inventory of U.S. wind energy potential.
Windlab Systems
Wind resource modelling.
WindPower Monthly Magazine
The world's leading independent Wind Energy magazine. Hot topics from every issue, 5 years of issues in searchable archives.
Windpower Photos
Photographs from wind power projects: land and offshore based. Photos from HVDC-light project on Gotland, Sweden. The site is in Swedish, English and German

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