This category is for blogs, administered specifically to keep articles and comments on the topic of technological aspects of renewable energy.

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All Things Biodiesel
Contains information on the growth of a sustainable and healthy biodiesel industry. Also contains related links.
Alternative Energy Blog
News, views and strong opinions on alternative, particularly renewable, energy sources.
American Fuels
Information source for renewable fuels including ethanol and biodiesel.
Direct Currents
Blog with news items on energy innovations, renewable energy and clean technology
Energy Insight
News and information covering alternative and renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal, ethanol, biodiesel, and tidal, as well as related technologies. Also contains a archive of previous articles.
Free Hydrogen
Information and news about hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Also contains many related links.
Got Powered
Renewable energy blog with integral search facility for sites with similar themes.
Green Thoughts
Information about renewable energy and energy efficiency. Contains articles about cleaner burning fuels and alternative fuels.
Hydrogen Cars and Vehicles
Contains information about vehicles and building of supporting infrastructure including production, storage and distribution. Contains categories and related links.
Hydrogen Motor
Technical information of hydrogen vehicles like cars, buses, airplanes, motorcycles and fuel cell news.
Hydrogen Power
Discusses use in planes, cars, sports vehicles, postal services and buses. Also talks about a fueling station being opened in Britain.
Making Biodiesel At Home
Includes video and text guides. Also contains related links to other resources.
New and Renewable Energy
Blog with the latest news, technology and articles on various renewable energy topics.
New Energy and Fuel
Information for energy supplies, sources, methods, fuels, new technologies, and conservation.
Sensible Alternative Energy
Sharing ideas on how to use existing alternative energy resources, and discuss newer ideas. Also includes related links to alternative energy resources.
Sun and Earth Energy
A blog reviewing alternative energy technology and policy worldwide. Contains projects and links to do-it-yourself resources for wind and solar projects.
Technology For Life
Covers stories related to development and renewable energy focused on Spain and the United States. Also contains statistics and related links.
Tomorrow is Greener
Eco-blog with articles about green projects, renewable energy, transport, future green technology and sustainable development.
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