Science Technology Energy Nuclear Safety and Accidents
Topics include reactor safety, probabilistic and deterministic safety assessments, nuclear materials safety, accident analysis, accident simulation, safety in other aspects of the use of nuclear energy, and accounts of past nuclear accidents.

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Governmental Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the safety of nuclear power production and other civilian uses of nuclear materials. Includes safety reports, task description, nuclear information and publications.
Atomic Insights
Collection of insights and articles on nuclear safety and technology. Includes topical indexes and article list.
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Independent Safety Committee
Committee reviewing the safety of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Provides agenda, annual report, public meeting and contact information.
European Commission on Nuclear Issues. Information on decommissioning of nuclear facilities, transportation of nuclear materials, radioactive waste issues, publications, legislation and reports.
Framatome Owners Group
Group with mission of increasing the availability, safety and efficiency of member nuclear power plants. Includes newsletter, technical information, publications and members-only sections.
History of Nuclear Power Plant Safety
Time line covering the period from the 1940s to the present day detailing the development of safety features, practices and emergency systems in nuclear power plants. Includes insights on past incidents and experiments, as well as design basis information.
Institut de Radioprotection et de Sureté Nucléaire
French institute of nuclear safety records, contacts, activities, reports, technical guides and news releases.
International Nuclear Safety Center of Ukraine
Locations of power reactors, research facilities, technical publications, maps, regulatory documents and activities
International Nuclear Safety Program
Historical documents associated with the program intended to increase the safety of Soviet designed nuclear power plants.
International Nuclear Safety Program (INSP)
U.S. Department of Energy conducting a comprehensive, cooperative effort to improve safety at Soviet-designed nuclear power plants. Includes brochures, reactor profiles, photo gallery, reports and publications, mission details and contact information. [English, Russian]
International Safety Research
Provides services worldwide in the areas of risk, safety and emergency management, radiological risk and other types of hazards. Includes company information, service catalogue, publications and contact information.
Is Nuclear Power Really Really Dangerous?
Short briefing document that discusses the threats associated with civil power generation.
Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization
KEDO works for peace and nuclear safety on the Korean peninsula. Contacts, meetings, reports, photo gallery and progress on light water reactor project.
Lithuanian International Nuclear Safety Center
Contact information, technical documents, international partners, nuclear facilities and sites.
NKS - Nordic Nuclear Safety Research
Reports, newsletter, links, call for proposals, historical overview, contacts, and organization information.
NRC Response to Emergencies
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission procedures to respond to accidents involving nuclear materials. Includes technical manuals and FAQ.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Nuclear Reactor Oversight
Comprehensive resource about safety and safety oversight of U.S. commercial nuclear plants. Includes safety manuals, reactor operating experiences, and daily event reports.
Nuclear Safety Directorate
Part of the Health and Safety Executive responsible for the safety regulation of the civilian nuclear industry. Some policy documents and a variety of reports on cases.
Nuclear Safety Ireland
Current issues, special reports, archive, legislation regarding nuclear issues, overview, links and contact information.
Information resource for persons interested in the public safety consequences and radioecological impact of nuclear accidents and industries. Focus is on the dispersion of anthropogenic radionuclides into the biosphere.
Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
Nuclear facility siting and safety information, radiation monitoring, news and events, reports and contacts.
State Office of Nuclear Safety Czech Republic
International partnerships, organizational structure, contacts, reports, references, and legal framework.
STUK Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Finnish governmental authority for the nuclear industry. Events, contacts, news releases, meetings and research.
U.S. EPA Radiation Protection Division
Information and educational materials about radiological topics in general, plus EPA's activities in protecting the public and the environment from exposure, cleaning up radioactively contaminated sites, and participating in radiological emergency preparedness and response.
WHO Ionizing Radiation Section
Information about WHO's programs, public forum, previous accidents and prevention and preparadness for future incidents.
Eyewitness: Tragedy of Soviet nuclear submarine K-27
The BBC speaks to Vyacheslav Mazurenko, who when 22 was serving as a chief warrant officer on a Soviet nuclear-powered submarine, the K-27. He and others were poisoned when a liquid metal-cooled reactor leaked. The submarins was later sunk into the Kara Sea. (January 24, 2013)

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