Science Technology Energy Nuclear Research Groups and Centers
Most research activities will either occur in academic departments or in research institutes (which may either be in universities or external). Both of these are included in this category.

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Argonne National Laboratory
Non-profit research laboratory operated by the University of Chicago for the Department of Energy (DOE). Includes history, news, contacts, internship program and contact information.
Center for Nuclear Energy Research (CNER)
Research and development laboratory of the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Includes research and development information related to the operation and maintenance of CANDU nuclear power stations.
Hanaro Kaeri
Korean national research center for the application of reactor radiation in a variety of scientific and medical fields. [Korean, English]
Institute Vinca
Undertakes basic and applied research into the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. In Serbian and English.
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI)
Research and development institute involved in the exploitation of atomic energy, nuclear safety and radiation. Includes institution history, facility description, budget and contact information. [English, Japanese]
Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC)
Institute concerned with research and development of fast breeder reactors (FBR), advanced reprocessing, plutonium fuel fabrication and disposal of high-level radioactive waste. Includes history, organisation chart and information on the facilities. [English, Japanese]
Karlsruhe Research Center
Science and engineering research institution concerned with nuclear technology and other scientific fields. Includes news, organization, services and contact information. [German, English]
Kurchatov Institute
Russian research center. Includes news, structure and information on the nuclear reactor facilities. [Russian, English]
Reactor Analysis and Engineering Division
Research laboratory formed by the merger of the former Reactor Analysis and Reactor Engineering Divisions of the Argonne National Laboratory. Includes project description, capabilities, facility tour, codes and contact.
Stern Laboratories Inc.
Conducts reliability and safety experiments under contract to utilities, nuclear reactor and fuel vendors, government agencies and nuclear equipment suppliers. Includes information about the activities of the laboratories.
University of Missouri Research Reactor Center (MUUR)
Research reactor center of the University of Missouri. Offers a broad spectrum of research, analytical tools, services and products in the nuclear field.
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