Organizations are groups of people working together towards a common goal. This category is for organizations involved in nuclear technology, nuclear safety or waste management.

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International Atomic Energy Agency
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) serves as the world's central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the nuclear field, and as the international inspectorate.
Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
Policy organization of the nuclear energy and technologies industry. Participates in both the national and global policy-making process. Includes information about the nuclear industry, including details of nuclear plant security, policy and terrorism related issues.
American Nuclear Society (ANS)
Scientific and educational organization in the field of nuclear science. Includes resources on nuclear technology, nuclear medicine, nuclear energy, food irradiation, and nuclear techniques used in manufacturing and processing industries.
ANS: Decommissioning, Decontamination & Reutilization (DD&R)
Division of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) with purpose of promoting the technologies of nuclear facility decommissioning.
Australian Nuclear Forum
Association of nuclear professionals to support the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology in Australia. Includes policy and information papers.
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)
Australian national nuclear research and development organisation. Describes the organization, its research facilities and research activities in areas including nuclear physics, radiopharmaceuticals and neutron science.
Automic Energy Organization of Iran
The AEOI is responsible for the technical standards, regulations and procedures related to the safety of nuclear installations. Includes library of articles and info on power plant and fuel plans. [English/Farsi]
Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS)
Academic society for the advancement of nuclear technology in Belgian. Includes activities, goal, programs, FAQ and general information on nuclear energy.
Bulgarian atomic forum providing news and views on the Bulgarian nuclear industry. Includes events calendar, organization and contact information. [English, Bulgarian]
Canadian Nuclear Association
The CNA is a non-profit organization which promotes the development and growth of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes. Includes annual conference info, member roster and educational resources. [English/French]
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Nuclear energy and materials regulatory commission regulating the nuclear installations in Canada. Includes mission statement, activities and publications.
Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS)
Act as a forum for the exchange of information relating to nuclear science and technology in Canada. Includes bulletin, event calendar, education resource, history and contact information. [English, French]
European Nuclear Society (ENS)
Information on the activities of the European Nuclear Society (ENS) which has members from industry, power stations, research centers and authorities, working for the advancement of nuclear energy for peaceful applications.
German Atomic Forum
Private non-profit association of companies, institutions and private individuals supporting the peaceful utilisation of nuclear power. Includes news, publications and information on Germany's nuclear industry and technology. [German, English]
Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU)
European commission joint research center. Includes research programs, structure, facilities, publications, location and contact information.
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
National center promoting the peaceful applications of nuclear energy. Includes institute programs, goals and activities. [Korean, English]
Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center
Scientific and technical organization, provides technical support to the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ANRA).
Nuclear Institute
Society for nuclear energy, bringing together scientists and engineers to exchange best practice and disseminate information about nuclear sciences. Includes meeting and event calendar, publications and contact information.
Nuclear Society of Slovenia (NSS)
Scientific and educational organization concerned with nuclear engineering, safety and nulcear power in Slovenia. Includes conference and organization information. [English, Slovenian]
OECD - Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
International agency within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Includes organization goals, achievements, list of member countries and discussion of the main areas of expertise. [English, French]
Swedish Radiation Safety Authority
Swedish government regulatory body that supervises all nuclear activities in Sweden. Includes activities, publications and contact information. [Swedish, English]
U.S. NRC: Research Activities
Research activities conducted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Provides information about nuclear reactor safety research, nuclear materials safety research, radioactive waste safety research, computer codes and meetings.
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
Responsible for the decommissioning of its nuclear reactors and other nuclear liabilities used for the UK nuclear energy program. Includes technical and safety information, publications and press releases.
World Nuclear Association (WNA)
Global industrial organisation that seeks to promote the peaceful worldwide use of nuclear power as a sustainable energy resource for the coming centuries. Provides comprehensive, news and information on all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, particularly electricity generation.
World Nuclear University
Foundation with purpose of coordinating and supporting the strengths of established institutions in nuclear learning. Includes goals, mission statement, member list and contact.
World's Nuclear News Agency (NucNet)
Global public communication network offering news about important insights and developments in the nuclear field. Includes plant data, news database, media and member room. [English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian]
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