Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and is the smallest and lightest atom of all the elements. This category contains links related to research on hydrogen as an energy source and the development of hydrogen related devices by government, scientific and private researchers.

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Arno A. Evers Fair
Commercial hydrogen and fuel cell event held every year since 1995. Press releases, programs, lists of attendees, multimedia from past events, and other information.
The BingoFuel Project
Testing of a power generator using synthetic gas produced with the BingoFuel Reactor. Includes photos.
Black Light Power, Inc.
Company describes its innovative technology to release heat energy from hydrogen.
Don Lancaster's Hydrogen Library
Holds a collection of hydrogen energy resources.
An End to Global Warming
Hydrogen fuel plays a significant role in a plan to eliminate global warming before 2060. This book attempts to justify the need and describes the author's plan of implementation.
The False Promise of the Hydrogen Economy
A site that examines the negative factors facing the proponents of a hydrogen economy.
Green MotorSport
Focuses on environmentally friendly motorsport.
The Group Exhibit - Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Fair
At Hannover Fair '03, 90 exhibitors and 9 Forum participants from 19 countries have come together to display and present their latest Technologies, Products and Services for the benefit of the further development and commercialisation of the H2/FC industry.
H2E Center - The Pennsylvania State University
Site details work being done at PSU in various aspects of the emerging H2 economy and the devices needed to power it.
Company selling metal hydride hydrogen storage containers, refueling station equipment and installation services for hydrogen vehicles.
Hope Cell
Provides information on the development of an ecologically friendly, efficient energy source employing the improved technology of plasma pyrolysis of aquatic electrolytes.
Hy-Energy Hydrogen Sciences
Promoting the development of clean energy technologies through science-based problem solving. Expertise in renewable energy research is your guarantee to success.
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety
Monthly online newsletter covering international and national codes, standards, regulations and industry guidelines related to hydrogen energy systems.
Hydrogen Energy Center - Home
Educating, demonstrating, and advocating in support of hydrogen, renewables, and clean fuels for a sustainable energy economy ...
Hydrogen Energy Network (H2NET) Home Page
The UK Hydrogen Energy Network (H2NET) was established in April 2000 as a joint collaboration between the UK industry and academia interested in the development of hydrogen as an energy vector. The network is currently supported by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
Hydrogen Energy Technologies
Directory of hydrogen technologies, from research and development and storage to market applications, featuring hydrogen from water and solar hydrogen.
Hydrogen Highway
Hydrogen Highway, To Fuel the Public Vision of the Future.
Hydrogen Key to Clean Energy Future
Article explains how we may be able to use hydrogen to create renewable, non-polluting energy. Applications would include fueling cars and creating electricity.
Hydrogen Pathways Program
Focuses on understanding the transition to a hydrogen based transportation system.
Hydrogen Wales
A sustainable energy supply for Wales: Towards the hydrogen economy. A University of Glamorgan project to place Wales in a position to take full advantage of the hydrogen economy.
HydrogenFuel Home Page
The aim of this page is to prove the safety and reliability of Hydrogen based devices as fuels for everyday use. There are various technologies in use and being researched that use Hydrogen as a fuel. This site focuses on one particular device, the hydrogen valve, built by Mr. Pankaj Degaonkar.
HyWeb: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Information
Resources on hydrogen in the energy sector, fuel cell and hydrogen energy projects in Germany. Includes articles and abstracts on fuel cell technology. [English, German]
International Clearinghouse for Hydrogen Based Commerce
The latest hydrogen energy news and information from a global perspective, covering transportation, ships and submarines, aircraft and space propulsion, hydrogen fuel generation and storage, fuel cell progress, national security and oil, politics and testimony, health issues, research reports, books and videos.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Journal of original research, both analytical and experimental, covering all aspects of hydrogen energy, including production, storage, transmission, utilization, as well as economical, environmental and international aspects. Guide for authors, special issues list, and other information.
Membrane Reactors
Article explaining the operation, fundamental and commercial advantages of membrane reactors and where they should be used. Example provided concerns methanol reforming.
Proceedings of The National Hydrogen Energy Roadmap Workshop
On April 2-3, 2002, more than 200 participants representing hydrogen energy industries, academia, environmental organizations, federal and state government agencies, and National Laboratories met for a National Hydrogen Energy Roadmap Workshop in Washington, DC. (A list of the participants can be found at the end of this document.) During the workshop they discussed the actions that need to be taken in order to reach the hydrogen vision that was identified during the National Hydrogen Vision Meeting in November 2001. [793KB in size) [PDF]
Sandia National Laboratories, California - Research Projects - Hydrogen
Sandia National Laboratories,California, Combustion Research Facility - Research Programs - Hydrogen
The Schatz Energy Research Center
SERC undertakes research into renewable energy through the development of solar hydrogen and fuel cell energy systems.
Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation
Provides an introduction to hydrogen energy and information about the company's developmental technology for separating hydrogen.
Solar Hydrogen Research Pty Ltd
This site promotes hydrogen and Australia's future energy carrier generated by renewable solar thermal paraboloidal technologies.
Solar Hydrogen, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Cell Fuel Hydrogen Technology by Roy McAlister
Solar Hydrogen, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Cell Fuel Hydrogen Technology by Roy McAlister.
StorHy Hydrogen Storage
The StorHy consortium carries out research and development work covering the whole spectrum of hydrogen storage technologies (compressed gas, cryogenic liquid and solid materials) with a focus on automotive applications.
System for Obtaining Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water using Solar Energy
A system for producing and separating hydrogen and oxygen from water in which water is pumped through a preferentially permeable walled vessel heated to a high temperature by a solar energy concentrator. The water dissociates at high temperatures.
Water Atomisation by High Magnitude Electrical Impulses: A Study.
By pulsing a high magnitude electrical discharge through a sample of water that sample can be atomised producing a very powerful explosion.
Device Ups Hydrogen Energy from Sunlight
A recipe for a cleaner, healthier planet: Take some water, add solar energy, extract hydrogen, and use it to power fuel cells for running cars and other machines. Then, collect their water emissions and start the procedure again. (September 16, 2000)

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