Geothermal energy is heat energy from deep in the earth. Heat is brought to the near-surface by thermal conduction and by intrusion into the earth's crust of molten magma originating from great depth. Ground water is heated to form hydrothermal resources -- naturally occurring hot water and steam. Use of hydrothermal energy is economic today at a number of high-grade sites. Hydrothermal resources are tapped by existing well-drilling and energy-conversion technology to generate electricity or to produce hot water for direct use.

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DOE: Geothermal Energy Program
Research and development projects of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Includes insights, technical data and publications.
Energy Commission Geothermal Program
Promotes geothermal energy development in California. Includes fact sheets, documents and data.
European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC)
Promotes geothermal energy research and development. Includes news, events, details on joining and board of directors.
Geothermal Energy Research and Application Center
This center at the Izmir Institute of Technology undertakes research into the science and technology of geothermal energy and encourages its use in Turkey.
Geothermal Resources Council
Encourages worldwide research and development on geothermal energy resources and utilization. Calendar of events, workshops, membership information, publications, related links and other information.
International Geothermal Association
Information on geothermal energy in use around the world, world conferences on geothermal, and links to related web sites.
NEDO: Geothermal Energy Development Department
Department of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Includes data about research and development activities.
New Zealand Geothermal Association
Purposes include encouraging research, development and use of geothermal energy in New Zealand.
Thermal Energy Group - Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Focuses on research and education within conversion of natural gas, oil and solid fuels to mechanical work and useful heat.
US Department of Energy: Geothermal Technologies Program
Program focusing on enhanced geothermal systems technology, hydrothermal power and technology validation.
Wikipedia: Geothermal Power
Free encyclopedia article describing the concept of geothermal power. Addresses technical aspects, type of sources, electrical generation and cost.

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