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Energy economics is a subfield of economics that focuses on energy relationships as the foundation of all other relationships. It is a subfield of ecological economics in that it assumes that food chains in ecology are directly analogous to energy supply chains in human industries.

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Advancing Consumer Interests in Energy Strategies
A non-profit organization providing public guidance on energy policies and issues.
Africa Energy Policy Research Network/Foundation for Woodstoves Dissemination
AFREPREN is a programme on energy, environment and sustainable development and stands for 'African Energy Policy Research Network'.
Center for Energy and Environment Policy
CEEP is the principal academic and research unit for graduate study in the areas of energy and environmental policy at the University of Delaware. The Center supports interdisciplinary and collaborative research and graduate studies in the fields of energy and environmental policy; technology, environment, and society; political economy of energy and environment; and sustainable development.
Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
Clickable map of US states links to government and industry incentives promoting renewable energy.
Energy and Environment
March 2009 release from President Obama on protecting the nation from the serious economic and strategic risks associated with reliance on foreign oil and the destabilizing effects of a changing climate.
Energy Resources Center
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) interdisciplinary research and public service organization. Conducts studies in the field of energy and provides local, state and federal governments and the public with the current information on energy technology and policy.
Energy Tomorrow
Provides information about the oil and natural gas industry, with a focus on topics that are prominent in today's news: energy security, energy independence and alternative energy sources.
Business and Regulatory Information on the Energy Industry, with an emphasis on Electric Industry Restructuring. LCG provides software for electric, gas, and energy industry in the area of planning, operation, and transmission analysis and Energy databases for electric utilities for various reliability regions.
European Energy Regulators: CEER and ERGEG
Organizations in which Europe's independent national regulators of electricity and gas cooperate to protect consumers' interests and to facilitate the creation of a single, competitive, efficient and sustainable internal market for gas and electricity in Europe.
George Washington University: The GW Solar Institute
Research facility focused on the economic, technical, and public policy issues associated with the development and deployment of solar energy to meet global energy and environmental challenges.
How California's Power Crisis Works
Discusses the causes of the January 2001 energy shortage in California and how it will affect every corner of the United States.
International Energy Agency: Energy Market Reform
IEA's policy analyses on regulation and regulatory reform of energy markets, particularly electricity and gas markets.
International Energy Regulation Network
IERN aims at facilitating the exchange and analysis of information concerning electricity and natural gas market regulation. Training, conferences and research in energy regulation. Facts about national regulators, energy markets and legislation.
Local Power Inc.
Energy service bureau helping cities adopt, implement and manage Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) energy networks.
A Meeting of Blood and Oil: The Balkan Factor in Western Energy Security
A research article explaining NATO strategy about exploiting oil resources in the Caspian Sea region.
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
Information and policy papers on electric and telecommunications industry deregulation in the U.S. and in other countries and regions, as well as other economic and policy topics related to utilities regulation. Links to state regulatory agencies and other related sites.
NRDC: Energy
Information on renewable energy, energy conservation and the environmental impacts of energy emissions, from the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Nuclear Energy Policy
Nuclear energy policy issues facing Congress include questions about radioactive waste management, research and development priorities, power plant safety and regulation, nuclear weapons proliferation, nuclear facilities cleanup, and technology for producing nuclear fuel. [PDF]
Refining local crude in modular skid units at consumer site
Some economic and technical aspects about local refining of crude oil.
Union of Concerned Scientists: Clean Energy
Information and analysis on energy policy topics, including utilities deregulation.
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