This category holds websites providing information on original work in development of new ideas in Internal Combustion engines. Research broadly includes three classes of sites: 1. Institutions, academic (colleges, universities), and non-academic (scientific laboratories). 2. Product manufacturers, including automobile manufacturer's sites on new and future product development. 3. Individual inventors and researchers.

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Argonne National Laboratory: Engines
Undertaking research into reducing emissions and raising the fuel efficiency of reciprocating combustion engines. Includes technical background, three-dimensional animations, analysis and results.
Colorado State University - Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory
Information on research and projects at the laboratory. Includes mission statement, news, publications, and interactive java applets on engine thermodynamics.
The Combustion Chaos Group
Research group at the University of Houston and the University of Texas at San Antonio concerned with burner-stabilized premixed flames and techniques for analyzing pattern-forming systems. Includes publications, experiments, project and contact information.
European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion
European association of research organizations. Includes mission statement, groups and publications.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Gas Turbine Laboratory
Undertakes research into the performance of gas turbine engines. Includes laboratory information, project descriptions and publications.
Michigan State University - Engine Research Laboratory
Conducts research on optical techniques, laser diagnostic, modeling and simulation of internal combustion engines. Includes laboratory information, project descriptions and publications.
New 4 Stroke
Present a new 4 stroke engine concept invented by Andrew Feliks. Includes animations, history and prototypes.
Paul Scherrer Institute - Combustion Research Laboratory (CRL)
Conducts research in laser diagnostics, turbulent premixed combustion in steady high-pressure systems, and related reaction analysis. Includes laboratory and project information, publications, results and seminars.
University of Michigan: Automotive Research Center
U.S. Army Center of Excellence to develop simulation and modeling environments for discovering and assessing critical ground vehicle technologies.
University of Nottingham - Engines Research Group
Conducts research on spark ignition and diesel engines for the automotive industry. Includes facility overview, publications and PhD studies.
University of Wisconsin-Madison - Engine Research Center
Conducts research on spark ignition and compression ignition engines. Includes facility information, publications and results.
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