Fuel cells are clean, efficient devices that react fuels such as hydrogen and methanol via an electrochemical pathway, thereby generating electricity. They have been used for decades in the aerospace applications, and are now rapidly finding use in automotive, residential, and stationary power fields.

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Fuel Cells 2000
Fuel Cells 2000 is a non-profit project which provides educational information on fuel cells to the public, the media, and policy makers. In English and Spanish.
Acumentrics Corporation
Describe their tubular solid oxide fuel cell systems that integrate fuel reforming with power generation.
Adaptive Materials Inc.
Develops and manufactures fuel cell solutions for portable and remote power applications, for power ranges from 20 to 250 watts of continuous power with peak power above 4kW. Products are powered by propane or butane rather than hydrogen.
Alarming Oxygen Depletion Caused by Hydrogen Combustion and Fuel Cells
Hydrogen combustion implies the permanent removal from our atmosphere of directly usable oxygen, a serious environmental problem called oxygen depletion, since the combustion turns oxygen into water whose separation to restore the original oxygen is prohibitive due to cost. Abstract.
Build Your Own Fuel Cell
Complete directions to build a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity available as an online e-book by Phillip Hurley for download.
Clean Edge - The Clean-Tech Market Authority
Discover the latest market-intelligence news, including publications, reports and conferences on the subject of clean technologies, including fuel cells.
Collecting the History of Fuel Cells
A Smithsonian Institute project to gather historical materials. A technology and applications overview and brief illustrated history are presented for each of the major fuel cell types.
ElectroChem, Inc.
Founded in 1986, this company does research and development in the fuel cell industry. Since 1992, it has brought more than 15 products to the market.
Element 1 Power Systems, Inc.
A fuel cell source firm producing proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, electrolysers to make hydrogen, and a variety of solar powered hydrogen learning kits for science fairs and demonstrations.
EnergyOr Technologies Inc.
Canadian company developing stationary PEM fuel cell technology. Company profile, and information about its prototype and product.
ETH: Novel Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
The ceramics department of the Swiss Institute of Technology describes its research into material and fundamental aspects of solid oxide fuel cells, including single-chamber and thin-film cells and anode development.
FCT - Advanced Fuel Cell Technology Newsletter
Online subscription newsletter offering technical and investor information from the fuel cell industry including patents, people, new products, and trends.
Fuel Cell Markets
Dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of fuel cell technologies, promoting fuel cell companies, opening opportunities and presenting fuel cells as renewable energy technologies and sustainable energy solutions.
Fuel Cell Materials.com
Source of advanced ceramic materials for solid oxide fuel cells, nanoscale technology for fuel processor catalysts, and sensors for proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems.
Fuel Cell Store
FuelCellStore.com is integrating and advancing the fuel cell industry by bringing product component manufacturers, fuel cell system integrators and consumers together.
The Fuelless Engine
Learn how to build your own fuel cells, free energy motors and generators. This company offers plans, videos and kits.
H-tec Hydrogen Energy Systems
Manufacturers of fuel cells and solar hydrogen systems for education and demonstration. Many PDF files describing the company and its products. German based, site in English.
How Stuff Works: Fuel Cells
Informative, animated colorful descriptions of fuel cell types, with many related links.
How Stuff Works: Fuel Processors
Graphic article shows how fuel processors (reformers) work and how efficient they are.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Video
Promoting a 7 hour video on hydrogen fuel cell related topics including a free downloadable 30 minute version. Kids, you need an adult to help if you're making hydrogen!
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Institute
A portal to Hydrogen Fuel Cell clean energy. Access to the latest in Fuel Cell news, research, company profiles, investment information, and the Wilder-Hill Fuel Cell Index.
Hydrogenics Corp.
Develops and manufactures integrated PEM fuel cell systems. Includes product specifications and photographs.
IEA - Advanced Fuel Cells
This International Energy Agency program advances the understanding of contracting parties in the field of advanced fuel cells. Participating countries include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.
Independent Power Technologies, Ltd
Designer and manufacturer of electrochemical generators using fuel cells.
Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, LLC
Fuel cell and hydrogen consulting and products including technical, business, proposals and project management. Product focus is on PEM Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC) systems.
Lynntech, Inc.
Developers of fuel cells and fuel cell test stations.
Manhattan Scientifics, Inc.
Engages in research and development of methanol micro-fuelcells and mid-range hydrogen fuel cell systems. Also develops tactile computer software. Overview of technologies and research highlights.
Materials and Systems Research, Inc.
Develop reduced temperature, electrode-supported, planar solid oxide fuel cells and stacks for distributed power generation.
Online energy shop that sells energy products of the future-today. Hydrogen technology, fuel cells and solar products. Demark based, in English.
NuVant Systems Inc.
Develops and licenses advanced, innovative and cost effective fuel cells, components and evaluation instruments for manufacturers and researchers.
Nuvera Fuel Cells
Designs and develops fuel processors, PEM fuel cell stacks, and integrated fuel cell systems for stationary and transportation applications.
Palcan Fuel Cell Co. Ltd.
Focus on low power (under 5 kW) transportation and portable markets, design and manufacture of a variety of PEM fuel cell configurations with an emphasis on ambient pressure and air cooled systems. Rare earth metal hydride and canister replacement systems solve the issues of hydrogen storage and fuel infrastructure with integration via proprietary electronics.
Plug Power
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell maker.
Develops fuel cell solutions for portable and remote power applications, for power ranges from 10 to 500 W. Products include hydrogen and direct-methanol designs.
Third Orbit Power Systems, Inc.
Develops power systems based on fuel cells, renewable and hydrogen energy. They also provide products as diverse as electric vehicles and educational fuel cells and technical and economic research and analysis.
University of Washington Fuel Cell 2001
Documents an undergraduate research program in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering where students design and build PEM fuel cells.
US Department of Energy: Fuel Cell Technologies Office
Covers a portfolio of activities aimed at developing and deploying fuel cells, including hydrogen production and delivery, fuel cell technology, validation, and education.

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