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Energy conservation is the practice of increasing the efficiency of use of energy in order to achieve higher useful output for the same energy consumption. This may result in increase of national security, personal security, financial capital, human comfort and environmental value. Individuals and organizations that are direct consumers of energy may want to conserve energy in order to reduce energy costs and promote environmental values.

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Alliant Energy : Energy Conservation
Describes a variety of initiatives to assist customers in reducing energy use that utility supports and participates.
Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration Center (ECCJ)
The Center is aiming for promotion of various energy conservation activity working with Asian countries.
Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE)
ACE aims to reduce overall energy demand. Includes current and previous campaigns and research materials.
Austin Energy Directory
Provides information on Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD). Lists initiatives and news.
Awareness and Conservation
Program run by The Pennsylvania State University. Includes programs description,resources, FAQ and news.
CarbonetiX Blog
Contains articles, news and information on carbon conservation, energy efficiency, climate change, energy management, emissions trading schemes and renewable energy.
Center for Energy and Climate Solutions (CECS)
Helps companies boost profits and productivity by cutting greenhouse gas emissions with practical advice, tools and technologies. Objective is to use resources more efficiently in a way that benefits both financial and environmental performance.
Conserve Energy and Save Money
This article explains how homeowners can reduce their energy bills and why it's a good move.
DOE: Building Energy Codes
Tools to facilitate energy code compliance, development, adoption, implementation and enforcement.
Eco India
Gives examples of energy conservation, sources and methods.
The National (Pakistan) Energy Conservation Center web site. Includes organization chart, educational materials and tips.
Energy Blog
Discusses topics relating to The Energy Revolution.
Energy Conservation
The site discusses home improvements topics that might be of interest for DIY.
Energy Conservation and Emission Reductions
Identifies and evaluates various strategies to reduce transport energy consumption and pollution emissions.
Energy Conservation and Management Division City of San Diego
Lists programs and projects. Includes news, documents and information.
Energy Conservation Devices and Methods
Identifies some domestic devices and products which are engineered with energy efficiency in mind.
Energy Conservation for Apartment Dwellers
Guidance developed by New York State Department of Public Service.
Energy Conservation Home
Exploring efficient ways of using energy in different processes. Lists saving opportunities and resources.
Energy Conservation News and Resources
Information, news and resources on energy conservation, alternative energy and construction.
Energy Conservation Resources
Lists scholarly books, journals and articles. Includes subscription, search and resources.
Energy Conservation Starting At Home
Articles and tips for reducing home energy use.
Energy conservation: Watts up?
An article discusses misconceptions about energy conservation.
Energy Ideas Clearinghouse
Energy efficiency information and resources applicable to residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural energy uses. Searchable Energy Solutions Database with comprehensive answers to energy efficiency questions.
Energy Savers
U.S. Department of Energy recommendations on how to save energy. Includes tips, descriptions of products and services.
Energy Saving Advice
Provides advice, tips and resources for saving energy around the home.
Energy Saving Blog
Offers advices and tips to individuals and business.
Energy Saving Products and Management
Provides information on how to save on your utility bills with little or no cost.
Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)
Lists FEMP service areas with descriptions, related laws and regulations, technologies and news.
Free Air Cooling
Discusses utilizing ambient air to cool in order of significant energy savings and lower carbon emission.
The Future Is Green
Includes articles on energy efficiency programs. Provides resources and archive.
Hawaii Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program
Offers solutions for business and home, learning materials, news and events.
The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation
An article about environmental project. Includes video, interactive actions and discussion.
Ministry of Energy - Conservation
Identifies areas of conservation. Provides sources and tips.
MSUcares publications
Describes programs of increasing energy efficiency in agriculture.
The Negawatt Revolution - Solving the CO-2 Problem
Keynote address by Amory Lovins at the Green Energy Conference Montreal 1989. Estimated that three quarters of the electricity used in the United States at that time could be eliminated by efficiency improvements, at an average cost less than one cent per kilowatt-hour.
Ontario Power Authority
Raises conservation awareness. Provides recommendations for residential and business solutions.
Oregon Department of Energy - Conservation Division
Describes the scope, parties involved and programs. Includes resources.
Penn State's Portal to Energy and Environmental Sustainability
Provides Information on campus and community sustainability. Includes description of academic programs and research, news and events.
Public Housing Environmental and Conservation Clearinghouse
Provides recommendations on energy conservations in public housing. Also available in Spanish.
Database with information on projects and institutions regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy. Includes a glossary, blog and search facility.
Repower at Home
Dedicated to empowering communities and individuals to save energy. Includes blog.
Resources for Energy Conservation Education
Data about global energy trends and ways to conserve and generate energy on college campuses.
Save Our Planet Software
Program where users earn points towards an energy conservation certificate by conserving energy on a daily basis.
ScienceDaily LLC
Includes news and articles on energy conservation.
SECO - State Energy Conservation Office
Coordinates Texas consumers, businesses, educators and local governments to reduce energy costs and maximize efficiency.
Solar PV
Offers information on solar photovoltaic devices that can be Integrated with Buildings.
U.S. EPA Energy Star Program
Information on manufacturers and retailers for energy-efficient electronics, lighting, transformers, appliances, office equipment, and heating/cooling systems.
The University of Iowa Facilities Management
Describes different programs designed to provide resources conservation.
Discusses perspectives on cutting energy consumption, reduce costs and grow our economy without compromising lifestyle.
Using Technology Efficiently
Provides information on using technology more efficiently in the electronics and information technology fields. Includes online calculators.
WECC Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC) is a national leader in the design and implementation of award-winning energy savings programs for utilities, municipalities, regulators and legislators across the U.S. and Canada.
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