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Online resources for 8052 and compatible microcontroller including tutorials, FAQ and code library.
All About Circuits
Offers a guide to electricity and electronics.
Basic Electronics
E-book covering subjects from ohms law to logic circuits. Animation and troubleshooting simulations included.
Cable Impendance
Describes what is cable characteristic impendance and how to calculate it.
Circuit analysis tutorial
Basic electrical laws and circuits analysis techniques.
Clive Tech
Explains electrical components and how to read the measurements.
Convolutional Coding with Viterbi Decoding
Describes commonly used forward-error-correction algorithms used in wireless communications. Provides a worked-out example and C-language simulation source code for a digital communications link using the algorithms.
Electronic Tutorials
Includes electronic circuits, schematics, and online tutorials. Provides a dictionary of electronics terms, weblog and links to other projects and lessons.
Electronics Tutorials
Basic electronics tutorials on circuits and components, filters, oscillators and other applications.
Features electronics tutorials and glossary.
ETCAI Products
Sells computer based software for teaching electricity and electronics.
How does a RF receiver work ?
How do radio receivers manage to communicate over huge distances? An explanation of the fundamental mechanism.
How Electronic Devices Work
Basic introduction to a variety of electronics technology applications targeted for the layperson.
HowStuffWorks: How Radar Detectors Work
Illustrated tutorial with animation shows what radar detectors do and how they do it. Also explains lidar, jammers and detector detection.
IEEE Tutorials on Frequency Control
Reference materials and tutorials on frequency control, quartz crystal resonators and oscillators, piezoelectric sensors, and timekeeping.
Summary of a presentation about radar and ladar as a speed detection technology. [1.2 megabytes in size] [PDF]
Loadflowanalysis With Spice
Uses standard spice simulators for doing loadflowanalysis in the high energy domain. Intended for didactical purposes.
Radio Electronics
Information and tutorials about all aspects of radio and related electronics components.
Red Rock Energy Heliostats
High Powered Heliostat Array Concentrating Solar Collectors
Signal Consulting, Inc.
Signal integrity workshops taught by Dr. Howard Johnson.
Tutorials for EEs
Mixers, Directional Couplers, Bartlett's Bisection Theorem, Constant Current Sources, and Phase-Locked Loop.
University of Guelph
DC Circuits Tutorial
Computer modifications, PIC projects and many tutorials.
Williamson Labs
Offers an extensive range of electronics tutorials online.

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