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AbVolt Ltd.
Provides electronic consulting, product design, and prototype manufacturing services. Includes company profile and details on products and solutions. Based in Tulsa, OK.
Includes articles, downloads, and products concerning the design of digital signal processing systems.
AlgoTron Ltd.
Provides modem data pump and telecom related DSP software modules. Based in the UK.
Analog and DSP
Signal processing news and information for design engineers involved with Analog and DSP semiconductors. Includes related articles, tutorials and downloads.
Analog Devices, Inc
Information on Analog Devices range of DSP products.
Arescon Ltd.
Provides DSP applications and supplies advanced signal processing program modules. Based in Canada.
Argus Associates
Custom design and development of embedded products with special emphasis on those products that are most efficiently implemented using DSP techniques, such as telecommunications applications.
Arius DSP, Inc.
Frederick, MD based producer of solutions for PC/104 DSP; includes product descriptions and specifications, as well as related links.
Audio DSP Pages
Papers, tutorials, FAQs and links on audio DSP.
Barco Silex
An ASIC, FPGA and DSP microelectronic design house specializing in VHDL, system-on-chip and intellectual property. Based in Belgium.
Bayer DSP Solutions
Provides consulting and development services for DSP hardware and software. Based in Germany.
Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.
BDT offers consulting services and in-depth user's guides analyzing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.
Bitmetrix Technology
Provides consulting services for DSP applications, calibration of electronic equipment and instrumentation. Based in Canada.
BittWare, Inc
Provides a range of boards based on the SHARC DSP.
Bores Signal Processing
Provides a range of training, eBooks and free on-line courses in DSP. Based in the UK.
CDA Systems Ltd.
Provides custom designed industrial DSP hardware/software solutions. Support for DeviceNet, Ethernet and Profibus. Based in Canada.
A leading licensor of DSP cores and integrated applications to the semiconductor and electronics industry.
ChipWrights, Inc.
A fabless semiconductor company specializing in the design, development and marketing of a new class of DSP-based devices called visual signal processors (ViSPs). These are aimed at the digital image and video markets.
Communication Automation Corporation
Provider of DSP and processor boards, audio, data and telecommunications solutions.
CUED Signal Processing Laboratory
Cambridge University Engineering Department Signal Processing Laboratory. Based in the UK.
D3 Engineering
D3 Engineering is a DSP engineering design company specializing in hardware, algorithms, and software for wireless, imaging, compression, audio, encryption, JPEG, MPEG, DSL, GSM, motors, controls and TI DSP's.
Dalanco Spry
Produces DSP and Data Acquisition hardware and software for PC based and embedded applications.
Danville Signal Processing, Inc.
Develops and sells standard and custom products for communications, audio, and instrumentation applications. Includes product and application descriptions, documentation, developer's module.
Design And Reuse
Catalog of IPs, virtual components, cores, software and design centers for designing system-on-chip technology.
Digital Signal Processing Research Group UCD
The principal research areas of the DSP group at University College Dublin are algorithms for biomedical and audio-visual signal processing. Based in Ireland.
Frequently asked questions on Digital Signal Processing.
DSP Interchange for Weaksignal Communication and SETI
Information on the use of DSP to track satellites and search for small intensity radio signals, including possible signals from outer space.
DSP Related
A few DSP related discussion groups covering many Digital Signal Processing topics.
DSP Valley
DSP Valley is a technology network organisation, focusing on the design of hardware and software technology for DSP systems. DSP Valley groups members are universities, research institutes and industrial companies.
A center for DSP information exchange, to promote resource-sharing among DSP designers.
Encore Software Ltd.
Find out about technological solutions in DSP based modems and speech codecs, and embedded systems. Based in Karnataka, India.
Entegra Ltd.
Suppliers of DSP and Data Acquisition products, DSP and FPGA boards, System Simulation Tools, DSP training courses and Consultancy in DSP, Data Logging and Telecoms.
European Association for Signal, Speech and Image Processing
EURASIP aims to improve communication between groups and individuals that work within the field of Signal Processing in Europe and elsewhere, and to exchange and disseminate information in the field all over the world.
GAO Research, Inc.
Supplier of DSP communication software. Based in Canada.
Hyperstone AG
The unified RISC/DSP architecture provides a fast RISC processor for data and control functions and a powerful DSP unit for efficient algorithm execution.
ICS Design
Provides DSP IP cores and custom Matlab toolboxes to verify the mathematical model and the HDL implementation against the theoretical model.
Innovative Integration
Provides state-of-the-art, applied, data acquisition and DSP solutions to a wide spectrum of industries.
Interactive Digital Filter Design
This is an interactive filter design package, for designing digital filters.
Ittiam Systems
Provides DSP algorithms, software and boards for wireless, wireline, audio/speech and video/imaging applications. Based in India.
The Kalman Filter
Some tutorials, references and research on the Kalman filter.
Leaff Engineering S.r.l.
Provides DSP solutions and algorithms. Based in Italy.
Mango DSP Ltd.
A manufacturer of DSP solutions and multi-processing embedded systems for video security, video conferencing, medical imaging, machine vision.
MicroLAB Systems Ltd.
MicroLAB Systems provides DSP hardware and software for telecommunication, speech and audio signal processing, instrumentation and data acquisition.
Microstar Laboratories, Inc.
Processor boards with onboard DSP commands for PC-based, real-time data acquisition, digital signal processing and control systems.
Momentum Data Systems, Inc.
Signal processing sub-systems and design support to reduce risk, cost and time-to-market in converging digital audio and video markets.
Numerix Ltd.
Provides DSP, signal and image processing software and libraries for defence, intelligence, analysis and telecommunications applications. Based in the UK.
NXP Semiconductors
Information on Digital Signal Processors.
Pentek, Inc.
Comprehensive source for off-the-shelf digital signal processing (DSP), software radio and data acquisition system design products.
Pete Warnes Consulting
Electronics Business and Technical consulting, specialising in Signal Integrity for High Speed Electronic Hardware, provided by the former Technical Director of and Hunt Engineering Ltd., based in Somerset, UK.
Research Center Module
A supplier of high-end DSP architectures, silicon IP, mixed-signal ASICs, embedded computers and application software for DSP and artificial neural networks.
Rincon Research Corporation
Suppliers of Digital Signal Processing products and services for the United States Defense and Intelligence communities.
Sarsen Technology
Services offered by technical representative and distribution company. Includes careers information and location details. Based in the UK.
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
A textbook of DSP techniques by Steven W. Smith, 1997, 640 pages. You can download the book for free. Clear explanation and low math.
Signal Processing Design
The Journal of maths-intensive computing.
Signal Processing using C++ (SPUC)
A collection of efficient and reusable DSP building block objects (for digital communications simulation) written in C++.
Signatec, Inc.
High-speed PCI-based products and systems for digital signal processing, data acquisition, waveform playback and mass storage.
Signion Systems Pvt Ltd.
Provides a range of DSP hardware and software products. Based in India.
Smart Vision
Provides DSP system designs, multi-DSP designs and algorithms optimized for the Texas Instruments DSP family.
Soft dB, Inc.
A company providing DSP boards and software development tools for DSP applications. Based in Canada.
Spectrum Digital, Inc.
A provider of development tools for DSPs and high performance microcontrollers. Online ordering is available.
Spectrum Signal Processing
Provides DSP hardware and software solutions, specialising in Software Defined Radios (SDR). Based in Canada.
SPECTRUM: A Student Tool for Digital Signal Processing
A freeware Macintosh program for post-run digital signal processing.
Texas Instruments
Designer and supplier of digital signal processing solutions and semiconductor products. Includes corporate and investor data, products, and employment.
Traquair Data Systems, Inc.
Provides DSP, Imaging, FPGA, IEEE 1394 FireWire and Ethernet Solutions for OEM and Industrial Applications.
Trionyx Signal Processing
Provides consulting services for embedded DSP systems, specialising in audio and telecommunications. Based in the UK.
Two Pi
Offers signal processing services for sound, hearing and speech. Includes company profile and details on products and solutions. Based in Austria.
Vocal Technologies Ltd.
Offers DSP software for wireless, cellular, modem, fax and telephony.
Z Domain Technologies, Inc
Find out about courses including DSP Without Tears and Digital Communication Without Tears; includes class overview, seminar locations, and purchase information.
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