Science Technology Electronics Research Groups and Centers
This category is intended to list centers, institutes and laboratories conducting research into areas related to electronic design, implementation or manufacturing.

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Center for High Frequency Electronics
Part of the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of California at Los Angeles. The facility is available primarily to faculty, researchers and industrial affiliates for research that requires state-of-the-art design, fabrication and use of microwave/millimeter wave instrumentation.
Reverse engineers and analyzes the circuits and structure of semiconductors and electronic systems for competitive study, intellectual property support, and reliability assurance.
CSRI Elektropribor - Central Scientific and Research Institute
Leading research institute in Russia in the field of marine navigation, gyroscopy and gravimetry: marine navigational equipment; inertial systems, gyroscopic devices and multipurpose systems, fine electromechanical devices; wind-driven power plants; medical equipment. Also publishes the (All-Russian) journal "Gyroscopy and Navigation".
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Headquarters of the research division of International Business Machines corporation. Research focuses primarily on physical and computer sciences, semiconductors, systems technology, mathematics and information services, applications and solutions.
Microelectronics research and development service specializing in SOC, ULSI and VLSI platforms..
Information Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory (ITTL)
Part of the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). ITTL performs research in Internet and database technologies and applications; broadband, defense, radio frequency and wireless communications; network applications and security issues; mapping/geographical information, distributed simulation and enterprise information systems; and product research and development, manufacturing preparation and other steps toward product commercialization.
Leti: Innovation for Industry
European applied research centres in electronics. Its main fields of activity are micro- and nano-technologies, microsystems for biology an health, imaging chain and ambient intelligence.
Lviv Radio Engineering Research Institute (LRERI), Ukraine
Research and development relating to millimeter wave radar technology, including all weather, day and night operation radar sights, fire control radars and armoured vehicles based command and control systems.
McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment
Researches the health effects of wireless technology, including effects from using mobile phones or living close to base station antennas.
School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds
Opportunities in teaching, learning and research. Formed from the Department and two research Institutes, opportunities for collaboration are offered across the School.
Southwest Research Institute Component Analysis Group
THE SRI is an independent, nonprofit applied research and development organization in San Antonio, Texas. This section conducts failure analysis and construction analysis of electronic and electrical components.
UCLA Microwave Electronics Lab
Professor Tatsuo Itoh's lab group at the University of California at Los Angeles, carrying out theoretical/numerical projects and experimental investigations in the area of microwave/millimeter-wave active integrated circuits, microwave-optical interactions and electromagnetics.
University of Waterloo: Power and Energy Systems Group
Research activities include power electronics, high voltage engineering, power quality and distribution systems, power systems operation and control and electricity market deregulation.
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