This category is for resource sites providing technical advice and information on the repair of electronic equipment and components and sites dealing with new technologies in the field of electronic repair. Product and service providers should submit their sites to the relevant categories in Business or Shopping which are shown in the Related Categories section of this category.

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Allexperts Electronics Repair Q and A
Volunteers answer your specific questions about repairing and troubleshooting household electronics.
Circuit Board Repair and Rework Guides
How to work with bare circuit boards and circuit board assemblies.
Electronic schematics of circuits.
Electronic Repair
Technology news, test equipment, circuit board troubleshooting, and fix guides.
Element Cross Reference
Full text search in service manuals for exact element and example schematics. Compare elements by parameters.
Fix-It Club
Step by step instructions.
New electronic inventions with open source hardware.
National Electronics Service Dealers Association
Trade association for professionals in the business of repairing consumer electronic equipment, appliances, or computers. Electronics Repair Technician's Page
Links for electronics repair, schematics, service and repair manual information, electronic repair newsgroups and forums, and downloads.
Pinout Master
Pinout diagrams and related information for various types of connectors and cables.
PLC Questions and Answers
Industrial automation help. PLC software and simulator.
Sams Technical Publishing
Technical books, service documentation and training tapes for the professional, hobbyist and electronics enthusiast.
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ
Frequently asked questions from the usenet newsgroup.
Service Engineers Forum
A large site with lots of useful repair information. Includes television, video, monitor, camcorder and satellite fault finding, repair tips, servicing articles and industry news.
The Smell of Molten Projects in the Morning
Repair electronics, firmware, machinery, 3D printing.
Free electronics repair manuals. Flash bin files. Electrical part datasheets. PLC automation tips.
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