This category contains listings of tubes, circuits, data sheets, and replacement guides. You will also find some sites that have vacuum tube design data and theory.

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DIY Vacuum Tube Testing
Information on building an equipment for the testing of vacuum tubes.
Dr. Tube
Tube amp schematics, tube datasheets and other tube related technical info.
Duncan's Amp Pages
Resources for vacuum tubes. A data sheet data base for tubes. SPICE models for vacuum tubes, and software available for download.
Design basics, care and feeding of power grid tubes and beam power tubes.
Frank's Electron Tube Pages
Vacuum tube, vintage radio and other electronics information. Tube data sheets and pinout.
Hughs Ominous Valve Works
Covers valves in art, cinema and other uses, history and photos.
JMH's Virtual Valve Museum
A collection of pictures and information of old, unusual and unique vacuum tubes.
Mike's Electric Stuff
Antique glass and vacuum stuff, for electronics and high voltage.
RadioPistoia by Pierluigi
Audio tube amplifier project. European tube number guide. Links to other tube sites. [English, Italian]
Tube factories and their logos.
Shortwave Transmitter Tubes
A service from TDP with links to and information about the manufacturers, rebuilders and distributors/suppliers of tubes. An extensive list of data sheet sources.
Svetlana Applications Notes
Application notes on the care and feeding of Svetlana tubes, mostly for high power service.
Triode Electronics, Inc.
Tubes and parts for hi-fi, radio and guitar. Tube data and amp schematics, links to tube amp information.
The Tube CAD Journal
A monthly webzine devoted to vacuum tube circuit design and understanding.
Tube Rebuilders
Technical data, theory, trouble shooting information for high power tubes.
TV-7 Tube Tester
TV-7 information and technical help.
Vacuum Tubes
N9TEW is supplier of vacuum tubes for ham, audio and antique radio purposes.
Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive
Information on vintage H.H. Scott (vacuum tube) consumer high fidelity audio products produced from 1946 through 1966. Includes schematics.
World Tube Audio Portal
Audio tube related link list, forums and newsgroups, tube amplifier collection and tweaking. Audio amplifiers that use tubes. Tube replacement list included.
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