Bowden's Hobby Circuits
A collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas.
Building Gadgets
A collection of electronics projects, circuits, datasheets, and helpful articles from the authors of "Electronics Projects For Dummies".
Butterworth Low-Pass Filter
Design of a 5th order Butterworth LP filter using Sallen-Key circuit design.
Circuit Cellar Archive
Nearly every issue is listed from 1988 to 2001, software code.
A searchable database of schematics and electronic circuit designs such as alarms, audio/video, auto, etc.
Circuits Today
Collection of circuits built around specific components and functions
A Wiki-based archive of electronic circuits for hobbyists.
Closed Caption Decoder
A simple closed caption decoder for your TV. Schematic, BOM, theory of operation.
CXI Schematics
Schematic index: audio, RF, power, switching and miscellaneous circuits.
Delabs Electronic Schematic Diagrams
Electronic circuit archive, FAQ, freeware, resources directory.
Digital Clock
Easy nixie clock with different microcontrollers.
Discover Circuits
A collections of categorized and cross-referenced electronic circuits or schematics.
Electro Tech Electronic Projects
An electronic forum. Includes a collection of small electronic circuits.
Electronic Circuit Diagrams
Schematics with descriptions and do-it-yourself electronic projects for hobbyists.
Electronic Circuits
An archive of electronic circuits divided into categories such as power supplies, auto, computer circuits, sound/radio.
Electronic Circuits
Electronic circuit diagrams, software, tutorial, schematics, projects, and tools.
Electronic Circuits and Microcontroller Projects
A collection of electronics circuits, microcontroller projects, and tutorials for hobbyists.
Electronic Circuits Directory
A collection of electronic schematics and projects, index of tutorials and design software.
Electronic Circuits for Beginners
Site with simple circuits that are easy for beginners in electronics to build and understand
Electronic Info and Schematic Page
Technical references and schematics archive: alarm, audio, auto, etc.
The Electronic Peasant
Dedicated to inexpensive Do-It-Yourself music electronics, electronic salvage/recycling, and alternative energy projects.
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Resource
Electronics theory, books, construction projects, tips, and practical advice.
Electronics Circuit Search Engine
A search engine for electronics circuits.
Electronics Guides and Projects
Contains electronics projects and guides, including microcontroller programming.
Electronics Hobbyist
Projects for beginners, articles on electronics and electrical science, Tesla coils, electrostatic devices, and resource links for the hobbyist and educator.
Electronics Infoline
Search engine and categorically organized circuits in a directory.
Electronics Lab
Electronic circuits with full description, diagrams and PCB, electronics articles, links and downloads.
Electronics Projects with Circuit Diagrams
A collection of electronics projects and circuit diagrams. How to build your own electronic gadgets.
Electronics Zone
Electronic circuits, kits, do-it-yourself, circuit diagrams, design and electronics hobby schematics from alarms to test circuits.
Electronic schematics, circuits, projects, tutorials and software for hobbyists.
FC's Electronic Circuits
Circuits on solar power, micro power FM broadcasting, a temperature controlled NICD charger, and more from Forrest Cook; electronics links.
Free Circuit Diagram
Electronic circuit schematic diagrams collection.
Free Electronics Schematics Diagrams
Electronics diagrams: pro music equipment, vintage tube amplifiers and other; chat room.
Hobby Circuits
A large collection of simple electronic circuits for hobbyists from Imagineering On-line Magazine.
Home Brew Spectrum Analyzer
How to make a spectrum analyzer with tips and advice on component selection and architecture. A large number of circuit ideas and schematics, with sources and construction tips.
Hotwater Electronics Projects
Electronic projects covering GPIB connectivity, instrumentation, microcontrollers, Ham radio and wireless communications with PCBs and key components.
Julien Thomas Enterprises
RS-232 protection and connections schemes. For protecting your Mother Board.
Learn Electronics
Schematics with descriptions and do-it-yourself electronic projects for hobbyists.
Music Electronics ĀµArchive
An archive of tube and transistor amplifiers and information, mostly for music applications.
PIC Based Analog Synth
Project to build a real analog synthesizer using easy to get components.
RonaldĀ“s Electronic Project Site
Fully documented electronic projects, such as stand alone microcontroller circuits and nixie, numitron and decatron clocks.
Rugby PIC Clock
Schematic a construction of a 60kHz time code receiver and clock. Includes PIC programmer and LED clock display.
Sam Electronic Circuits
Electronic Circuits for the hobbyist, analog, audio and digital, useful circuits with full Greek descriptions , diagrams in Greek and English.
Sam's Schematic Collection
Includes information about safety, power supplies, Jacobs Ladders, circuits, IR detectors, power oscillators, and schematics.
Small TV Terminal
TV terminal design. Connects TV and PC keyboard to a microcontroller based device.
Synthesizer Home Page
How to make a very nice and stable frequency synthesizer from Harvard. Includes schematics, block diagrams and parts lists. Very through design.
Tech Tut
A blog on electronics projects, ideas, and tips on repairing broken electronics. Electronics
Audio, PC, games, phone, oscillator, power, test equipment, and weather related schematics and information.
Television Schematics
Television schematics for electronic specialists who repair TV sets.
Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Pages
Electronic circuits and projects designed by Tomi Engdahl. Audio, video, computer, data communication, light effects and controllers, power supplies, and telephone circuits.
WeMan's Electro Stuff
Audio tubes, transistors, analog circuits, transistor amplifiers as well as connector pinouts.
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