This category is for general electronics reference materials or materials that would apply to several different electronics topics. Some examples would be lists of formulae, theorems, online encyclopedias, and handbooks.

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Applied Radio Labs Design File
Technical articles and files on RF, radio and phase lock loops (PLL).
Basic Electronics Tutorials
Basic tutorials for students, teachers, beginners and hobbyists on digital and analogue electronics.
Building Electronic Circuits
Articles, guides and tutorials on how to build electronic circuits. Topics for hobbyists include schematics design, printed circuit boards, soldering and other.
Circuit Exchange International
Electronic and radio schematics; circuit analysis, design and theory; freeware and shareware downloads.
DAE Notes
Articles on electronics, electronic projects and a discussion forum.
Design Notes
Design engineering information and resource site for engineers, students and hobbyists.
Java Applets and Windows Applications to design/analyze digital filters, tutorials on digital signal processing, schematics.
Don Lancaster Lair
Tutorials, resource bin, ezine columns, InfoPacks, annotated links.
Electrical engineering community for hardware designers: design tools, projects, articles, and discussions.
A collection of interactive calculators for electronics designers, hobbyists and hams.
The Electricians Hangout
Basic electrical and electronics theory, information on National Electric Code, how to's and blog.
Electronics 2000
Electronics technical data, interactive calculators, software downloads, forum, a beginners guide and links.
Electronics Data Book
A near complete reproduction of Allied Electronics Handbook. Electronic formulas and charts.
Electronics Point
Electronics discussion forum, including sections on hobby electronics, repair, audio and CAD.
Electronics Symbols & Electrical Symbols
Provides more than 800 electronic symbols classified into different categories.
The Hardware Book
A collection of connector pinouts, cable and other hardware features, electronic circuits and tables.
High Frequency Electronics
An online and paper journal with information on analog, digital, RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and lightwave technologies.
Input-Data Acquisition System Design for Human Computer Interfacing
A tutorial on the theory and design of various types of sensors for Man-Machine interface.
Lessons In Electric Circuits
A six-volume set of free downloadable books covering many aspects of electricity and electronics. Suitable for 2-year college use.
Marc's Technical Pages
Features electronic ideas, circuits, and hints including radio, antennae, and articles.
Microwaves and RF Magazine
Articles and technical information about higher frequency RF.
Must Calculate
A collection of online electronics and electrical calculators.
Ohms Law Calculator
Ohms law and other electronic calculators and charts.
Penguin's Lab
Paul Peng's high voltage and other electronics related projects including Marx generator, Tesla coils, coilgun and pulse discharge.
PlanetEE Portal
Ideas for design, reference, education, careers, events, Bob Pease column, discussion forums, products, literature. Registration required.
The Resistor Guide
Technical reference to electrical resistors. Includes information about resistor materials, types, applications, and properties.
RF Avenue Wireless Resources Directory
A collection of RF and microwave resources for wireless communication engineers. Includes tutorials, theory, design aids, circuit diagrams and products.
A collection of links to various application notes for different RF Vendors. Links to RF equations, technical data sheets, math notes, design ideas and useful RF design information.
Rob's Electronics Site
Site dedicated to getting around the security bit of PAL/ GAL devices used in proprietary industrial electronics circuit boards.
Scotts Guide to Electronics
An elementary guide to Electronics. Learn about components, circuits, and the use of electronics.
SMPS Calculators and Reference
Power supply design information, electronics calculators and reference information.
Spread Spectrum Magazine
Technical reference section. Mostly RF technical articles.
Technical Library
Information for the electronics experimenter from Wenzel Associates.
Historical website with several guides and resources related to electronics hardware.
Williamson Labs Electronic Tutorials
A collection of tutorials on electronics, from the basics to university level.
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