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Cryogenic Processing of Materials is the technique of immersing materials in liquid nitrogen (at -196 degrees C or -320 degrees F) in order to strengthen them. The cold temperatures cause the molecules to shift into alignments that are less subject to wear. This works with metals, wood, and some plastics. Some web sites simply call this "cryogenics," but that confuses it with the more common and proper definition of the term, which is "a branch of physics which deals with the production and effects of very low temperatures," typically -90 C and below.

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300 Below, Inc.
Cryogenic treatment (deep tempering) for motor sports, firearms, softball bats, golf clubs, and musical instruments. In Decatur, IL.
Controlled Thermal Processing Cryogenics
Cryogenic processing for racing and many industrial applications, including tools and firearms. In Chicago and Rockford, IL, Charlotte, NC, and Waltharn, MA.
Cryogenic Hardening
Article from Wikipedia on how cryogenic processing works.
Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc.
Provider of Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Treatment services for metal treatment as well as cryogenic deflashing and deburring for industrial, commercial and recreational applications. Application Notes and Technical Articles on cryogenics. Located in Worcester, MA.
Cryogenic Treatment Services Ltd
Offers deep cryogenic processing for the industrial cutting tool, aerospace, autosport, audio and golf markets. Also explains the science behind the process, its history and current projects. In Mansfield, UK.
Cryogenics International Cryogenic Systems and Processing
Cryogenics International manufactures deep cryogenic treatment systems and provides cryogenic processing for automotive racing engines, tools, musical instruments, etc. In Scottsdale, AZ
Cryogenics of Indiana
Thermo tempering of metals for maximum performance, durability, and life. In Zionsville, IN.
Indian company offers cryogenic treatment of metals, plastics, automotive components, sporting goods and musical instruments.
CryoPlus Inc.
Cryogenic treatment of all metal tooling, stamping dies, gun barrels, engine components, brass instruments. To make them more wear resistant. In Wooster, Ohio.
Cryopro Temper-Master
Temper-Master cryogenic processor manufacturing and tempering. Improves durability and performance of tools, musical instruments, and gun barrels. In Springfield, MO.
Cryotron (Canada) Ltd.
Cryogenic processing of equipment. Has a nicely detailed overview of the company's Vari-Cold cryogenic process and equipment. In Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.
Diversified Cryogenics
Cryogenic Processing improves the life of your guns, engines, instruments, and tools. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
Frozen Solid
Offers deep cryogenic processing of most ferrous and non-ferrous materials to increase durability and wear resistance. Explains the process and lists its applications. Located in Suffolk, UK.
Metal Science Services
Computer-controlled cryogenic processing and heat treating services that enhance steel performance for tooling, motor sports, knives, and firearms. Site also explains the science supporting cryogenic processing. In Driftwood TX.
Texas Machine-Tool International
Machine tool sales and service. Also offers cryogenic treatment of tools to make them last longer. In Waco, Texas.
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