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Ancient and Modern Highways
Full text of illustrated essay by Charles Livy Whittle, The New England Magazine, February 1898.
Coaching Days and the Road Engineers
Discusses roads in Britain and the United States during the canal age. Written by J. B. Calvert.
The Convict Trail - Caring for the Great North Road
Illustrated history of the convict built road linking Sydney to the Hunter Valley. Australia.
Edward de Smedt
Short biography of the inventor of modern road asphalt in 1870. Also includes a short commentary on the history of roads and asphalt.
First American Macadam Road
Illustrated essay on this road laid on the Boonsborough Turnpike Road between Hagerstown and Boonsboro, Maryland in 1823.
The Good Roads Movement Part II
Full text of article written by Charles Freeman Johnson, in Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, 1896.
The Good Roads Movement, Part I
Full text of this essay written by Charles Freeman Johnson. From the Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, 1896.
Highways - Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century
Detailed historical information, timelines, and personal essays by key innovators on highway construction within the United States.
Namibian Roads in History
Illustrated history and development of the roads system from the 13th century till today.
The Nicolson Pavement
Full text of this 1859 publication about a wooden pavement invented by Samuel Nicolson.
Pittsburgh-Stoyestown Turnpike
Story of its building and use by John N. Boucher published in 1911.
Public Roads, their Improvement and Maintenanc
Full text of this book by E.R.Buckley first published in 1907.
Roads, Highways, and Ecosystems
Multi-page illustrated essay on US roadmaking history.
Ways and highways. The Statutes of New York
Complete text of this 1851 publication by William Bishop. Topics include highways, bridges, ferries, plank roads and turnpike roads.
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