This category lists laboratories and institutions, providing testing services to the geosynthetics and geotextile industries.
Advanced Terra Testing, Inc
USA. Physical testing of soil, rock and geosynthetic designs and materials. General index testing, hydraulic properties and large scale performance testing of geosynthetic products and systems.
CRT Laboratories, Inc
USA. Independent testing laboratory for polymers, composites, geosynthetics and plastics. Complete testing programs for geomembranes, geotextiles, geonets and grids, and geopipes.
Geospec, Ltd
UK. Independent laboratory for testing of geosynthetic and geotextile materials. Lists of standard tests for fabrics, membranes, clay liners, composites and grids.
USA. Soil-geosynthetic interaction testing services for the geotechnical industry. Tension and seam testing. Compression, direct shear and pullout testing. Masonry block and constant load testing. Also, water property treatability and evaluation. Part of GeoSyntec Consultants.
GeoSystems Consultants, Inc
USA. Geotechnical engineering and testing laboratory. Standard and specialized procedures for determination of physical and engineering index and performance properties of geotextiles, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners and geonets.
GeoTesting Express
USA. Laboratory and field tests on rock, soil, landfill design, consolidation and geotechnical projects. Complete programs for testing of geosynthetic materials and products.
Keantan Laboratories
USA. Laboratory and field testing services for environmental and geotechnical projects. Landfill construction quality control and materials testing. Complete programs for geosynthetics and geotechnical testing and investigation.
Larry M. Jacobs and Associates, Inc.
Construction materials testing services for the Pensacola and surrounding Gulf Coast area.
Precision Geosynthetic Laboratories
USA. Laboratory for physical, conformance and compatibility testing, manufacturing quality assurance and certification of geosynthetics. Detailed list of available tests.
S & ME, Inc
USA. Engineering and environmental services for industry and governmental agencies. Testing and quality assurance, and design and specification of geosynthetic materials, products and systems.
USA. Engineering and testing services for construction, environmental and industrial projects. Laboratory testing services for geosynthetic membranes, fabrics, grids and composites. Also, clay liner and performance evaluation tests.
Texas Research International, Inc
USA. Independent, multidisciplinary research, development and testing company. Complete testing programs for geosynthetic materials and products.
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