This category lists institutions and organizations, dedicated to research and education activities in geosynthetics and geotechnology.
Achilleas Papadimitriou
Research engineer and consultant on geotechnical and civil engineering. Also, publisher of scientific papers, software and course material in the University of Thessaly Greece
Cambridge University's Geotechnical Research Group
The homepage of the soil mechanics, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering research section at Cambridge University, UK.
Spain. Multidisciplinary, government funded research and development institute providing support to the civil engineering and construction industry, through technology transfer, education and training activities, and technical and scientific publications. English and Spanish.
Deep Foundations Institute
USA. Non-profit institute for professionals involved in deep foundation construction and earth retention systems technologies, focused on information and technology transfer, and the organization of conferences, seminars and workshops. Members directory. Lists of publications and trade shows. Links to related sites.
ELGIP. European Large Geotechnical Institute Platform
The Netherlands. Organization of the principal geotechnical research institutes in the European Community, aiming to establish a common European research and development policy. List of member organizations.
GRC. Geofoam Research Center
USA. Research facility at the Syracuse University, dedicated to research of geofoam properties, development of innovative geotechnical applications, dissemination of technical information and technology transfer through education. Case histories. Technical FAQ. Links to related sites.
Imperial College Geotechnics
Information on the postgraduate courses, short-courses, research and state-of-the-art analysis that is undertaken at Imperial College, London, UK.
NGI. Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
Norway. Geotechnical research, development, and advisory services in such fields as microtunnelling, auger and guided boring, and directional drilling. Library of technical articles. Job opportunities. English and Norwegian.
Sageos Geosynthetics Technology Center
Canada. Independent organization, devoted to the development and understanding of new technologies of geosynthetics. Applied and academic research. Complete range of laboratory testing services. Training and information facilities. English and French.
SGI. Swedish Geotechnical Institute
Government agency, involved in geotechnical research, information and consultancy services. On-line software demos. Calendar of events. Literature database. Links to related sites. English and Swedish.
Turner-Fairbank's Highway Research Center
Descriptions of concluded and on-going geosynthetics research projects, conducted in cooperation with commercial contractors. Includes related publications.
United States Universities Council on Geotechnical Engineering Research
Information on several aspects of geotechnical engineering including books and software of interest to engineers.
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