This category lists consultants, focusing on geotechnology and geosynthetic products and systems design, manufacture and installation.

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American Geotechnical
Geotechnical and expert witness services for soil cracks, erosion and slope failures, and water and moisture intrusion. Also, soil testing and reports for new construction, remodeling and repairs.
Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Inc.
Provides environmental, geotechnical, and construction materials engineering services.
Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc
USA. Geotechnical consultants, providing geotechnical engineering, subsurface exploration, laboratory soil testing, construction monitoring and materials testing services.
Call & Nicholas Inc.
International geotechnical consultants
CMJ Engineering, Inc
USA. Geotechnical consultancy, focusing on soils and geology, foundation engineering, and related geotechnical and geological engineering.
Cornforth Consultants, Inc
USA. Geotechnical engineering firm specializing in dams, seismic studies, landslides, rock mechanics and complex geotechnical projects.
Cumberland Geotechnical Consultants, Inc
USA. Full service consulting geotechnical engineering company, providing test borings, geophysical surveys, testing and monitoring, engineering and design, and quality control and management services. Complete program of tests for geosynthetic materials and products.
Espana Geotechnical Consulting
A professional geotechnical engineering practice involved in building site evaluations to provide design and construction recommendations, assess sites for potential hazardous materials, perform engineering and geologic analyses, and inspect and test construction materials.
Fugro World Wide
The Netherlands. Technical consultancy providing a wide range of on- and off-shore geological, geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigation services. English and Dutch.
GeoSyntec Consultants
USA. Multidisciplinary, geoenvironmental consulting and testing services for engineering, earth science and environmental projects. Complete testing program for geosynthetic materials, products and systems. List of publications. Links to related sites.
GeoSystems Consultants, Inc.
Performs engineering and quality control for construction, design of landfills and impoundments, seismic risk analysis, geosynthetic and soil testing. Company profile and description of methods.
Geotechical Developments, Ltd
UK. Geotechnical and geo-environmental investigations and consultancy company, specialised in ground investigation, desk studies, environemtal risk assessments, GIS development, slope stability, contamination, and monitoring of gas and water.
Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants, Inc
USA. Geotechnical engineering, environmental and contamination screening services for the design of roads, bridges, and buildings.
I-Corp International, Inc
USA. Consultants to geosynthetic products and systems manufacturers and installers, specializing in the performance of geosynthetics and plastic pipe for waste containment and water collection, containment and distribution. Technical information and list of publications.
ICO: International Consulting Office
An engineering consulting group that provides consulting services in geotechnics.
Landslide Technology
USA. Geotechnical engineering firm specializing in complex landslide evaluation, remediation and emergency response. Part of Conforth Consultants, Inc.
Maddocks & Associates Pvt., Ltd
Australia. Consulting engineers for construction, and road and ground works. Design and installation of geosynthetic lining systems and floating membrane roofs. Also, soil testing services.
Milstone Geotechnical
Provides geological and geotechnical consulting services in the San Francisco Bay Area with special emphasis on complex sites such as hillside and bay margin properties.
NDT Corporation
USA. High-resolution nondestructive and geophysical testing services to assess concrete structures and foundation conditions.
RGH Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants
USA. Consultants in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and construction observation. Also, full service geotechnical soils testing laboratorium, including aggregate and asphalt concrete testing.
Single Bore Multiple Anchors Ltd.
Specialist ground anchor design and consultancy.
Sub Surface Group
UK. Independent group of geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy companies providing a range services including desk studies, intrusive investigations and remediation consultation.
Brazil. Geotechnical consultancy, instrumentation, site monitoring, and software. Includes catalogues, specifications and procedures.
Thiel Engineering
USA. Geotechnical and solid waste engineers, specializing in geosynthetic design applications for solid and liquid waste containment. Technical papers on PDF files. Links to related sites.
Tony Barley
UK. Geotechnical engineer, specialized in consulting services for ground anchor contracting. List of clients. Technical papers about ground anchors on PDF files.
Wardell Armstrong
UK. Consultants to the construction, mining, waste management, health and safety, and environmental industries. Geotechnical services for ground engineering.
Work Smart, Inc.
Offers Ground Penetrating Radar subsurface Imaging services throughout North America.
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