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American Aircraft of World War II
Provides reference information on US aircraft used or designed during World War II. Includes photos and links.
198 Squadron RAF
History of the squadron, 1918 to 1945. Includes information on sorties, pilot and aircraft losses, photos, bases, etc.
34th Bomb Group
Provides information, badges, commanders and links for this Group, stationed at Mendlesham, England in 1944 and 1945.
A6M Mitsubishi Zero-sen
Offers developmental history, performance data, characteristics, and color details of the A6M Mitsubishi Zero Fighter.
Aces & Planes Of Luftwaffe
Color profiles of Luftwaffe aces and their planes.
Aircraft of the Pacific War
Combat aircraft from the Pacific War, 1941-1945. Includes information about Allied fighters and bombers, Japanese aircraft, campaigns and battles, specifications, and photos.
Aircraft of World War II
Large collection of WWII aircraft in searchable database. Features include color photos, wi-resolution wallpapers, and warbird forums.
Army Air Corps Living History Group
The Army Air Force, Army Air Corps of World War II: A Tribute and Living History Group. Pictures, news, and related links.
B26 Marauder
Photographic archive of World War II images, with a focus on the Martin B26 Marauder. Provides information about the 449th Bomb Squadron, 322nd Bomb Group, 545th Bomb Squadron, 385th Bomb Group, CAF, links, web rings, and Marauder web rings.
Balloon Barrage Reunion Club
Provides a focal point for those who served in Balloon Barrage Squadrons in World War II and anyone with an interest in the activity and history of Balloon Command.
Black Cats - U.S. Navy PBY Catalinas
History of PBY squadrons in the Pacific that painted their Catalina flying boats flat black and attacked Japanese ships at night. Includes articles, war stories, photo gallery, squadron histories, log books, veterans and reunion contacts, and flight simulators.
Combat Aircraft of the Pacific War
Alphabetical index of Allied fighters and bombers, Japanese aircraft, and aircraft of other theatres. New pages, contact information, photos, and links.
The Dambusters (617 Squadron)
The story of the Dambusters from the initial planning stages to after the attack. Includes information and media relating to the raid.
The Deutsche Luftwaffe
Provides information about the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force. Offers photos and technical data, along with current news.
Fighter Planes of WWII
Information and research of American fighter planes of WWII from Includes aircraft types, descriptions, photos, performance, and specifications.
Hawker Restorations Limited
Restorers of the Hawker Hurricane and World War II aircraft. Company has built two flying Hurricanes to date and are currently working on another 3 plus 1 static. Includes articles, contact, links, current restorations, and general company information.
How WWII Fighter Planes Worked offers help describing the basics of WWII fighter planes, focusing on the Japanese Zero and the American planes that were based at Pearl Harbor.
Hudson FK790 - a mystery solved
A brief history of the pilot of this aircraft and the solution to a 57 year mystery. Includes information about the crews, targets, missions, agents, and operations.
The Internet Museum of World War II Aviation
A great site for general reference of ANY plane used in battle during World War II.
Japanese Aviation & Military Web Ring
An association of web sites dedicated to the study of Japanese aviation and military history until 1945.
Ju-88 CF+VP
Provides information on one of three remaining aircraft of this type including the discovery, salvage and preservation stages.
Junkers Ju-87 "Stuka"
A short article describing the performance of the Ju-87 dive-bomber. Includes some photos.
Kiwi Aircraft Images, WW2 PBY5a Catalina
A virtual tour of the Consolidated PBY5a Catalina seaplane.
Luftwaffe Data
Site contains comprehensive information about operations carried out by Aufklärungsgruppe 122 during World War 2.
The Luftwaffe Homepage
Very comprehensive page on German aviation during WWII. Provides information on air units, ground units, articles, orders of battle, equipment, sources and books, links, and discussion boards.
Luftwaffedata Bulletin Board
Site contains a number of forums for the discussions on Luftwaffe units and operations during WWII.
The Mosquito Page
All about the RR299 de Havilland Mosquito, concentrates on surviving examples. Provides locations of aircraft, production, history, forum, links, images, articles, and models.
Muche's Warbirds WW II - Allied and Axis
Warbird and aviation photography by Lani Muche featuring in-flight portraits and formations. Includes WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam era warbirds.
Mustang Fighter
Background information on the North American P-51 Mustang fighter. Includes articles, image gallery, documents, bibliography, and links to aviation webrings and related directories.
Nazi UFOs and Wonder Weapons
Deals with the news, rumours, and stories about the alleged revolutionary saucer-shaped aircrafts reportedly developed by the Germans during the last months of the WWII.
NCS Home Front Press
Monthly publication of the CAF's National Capitol Squadron with a focus on World War II aircraft. Includes photo gallery, 35th training wing information, events, NCS Elections, classifieds, and aviation ads.
Pacific Ghosts
Webpage about intact World War II Japanese and American aircraft wrecks in the Pacific. Contains profiles of dozens of intact fighters, and bombers, with photos, video, and complete histories.
Pacific Wreck Database
Provides World War II Pacific locations then and now, wrecks and relics, veteran interviews, MIA cases, book reviews, and information related to aircraft, ship and abandoned equipment still in the Pacific.
Palm Springs Air Museum of Flying
The Palm Springs Air Museum is dedicated to the preservation, presentation and interpretation of the Air Power of World War Two
PBY Catalina Foundation
Foundation for preservation of this seaplane and honoring those who flew her. Includes poems, history, photo gallery, and information about the group.
Dedicated to PBY/Catalina floatplane enthusiasts and researchers. Offers archives, documents, photos, plane database, veteran database, and links.
Peak Wreck Hunters
Record of investigations of historical air crash sites in the UK's hill areas.
PlaneHunters Recovery Team
Volunteer team that does research and recovers crashed planes from World War 2 in Belgium.
Planes of World War II
Large picture gallery of the most common planes of world War II. Pictures are royalty free for educational use.
RAF Bomber Command History
A growing collection of stories recounting significant events in the history of RAF Bomber Command during World War 2.
Rod's WarBirds
German aircraft photos. Archived pictures of German bombers, fighters, reconnaissance, seaplanes, and transport aircraft.
Some Data about the Air Forces of the Decisive WW2 Front
Photographic and textual historical records and information describing Soviet air force personnel, equipment and actions during the Great Patriotic War, also known as the Eastern Front.
Spitfire Pilots
Provides articles, photographs and videos about famous spitfires, warbirds, pilots, airshows and museums.
Squadron13 Aviation Museum
The Squadron13 Aviation Museum is designed to create interest in aviation and aviation history.
The Stirling Pages
Information on the Short Stirling - the RAF's first four engined bomber of the second World War.
Stof's Plane Information Center
A World War Two aviation resource. Offers allied and axis aircraft, photos, descriptions, performance and information.
Information dedicated to the Me 262 jet fighter. Pictures and information on the building of reproduction Me 262s being built in the U.S.
A meeting ground for people interested in the forcelandings that occurred in Sweden during WW2. Offers American, British, and German airplane sections, mission statement, and contact information.
Stu's Planes from WW 2
Offers a few warbirds photos.
Terrys F4U Corsair References
A large collection of links on the web related to the Vought F4U Corsair.
A source about WWII planes. Planes specifications, photos, air battles reports, pilots statistics and aviation directory.
Warbirds Resource Group
Provides a cohesive organization that ties the various WW2 aviation resource groups together. Includes links to Warbirds groups and aircraft images.
Warbirds Restoration
Provides authentic drawings and manuals of the World War Two Hurricane and Spitfire fighters and Lancaster bombers. Includes latest news, stories, useful links, and contact.
Warbirds Stories
WWII aircraft and aces: a message board, aviation books, the story of a B-17, a quiz, and links.
The Wartime Airfields of Great Britain
UK Airfields of World War 2 "Then and Now". A study of the architecture and history of these airfields. Includes UK airfield listing, USAAF in the UK, control tower designs, references, and links.
the Widow's Web - P-61 Black Widow night fighter
Black Widow night fighter recovery and restoration project. Provides P-61 photos, art, history, and links.
World War 2 Planes
Features detailed information about German, British and American military aircraft during the Second World War. Also includes propaganda posters, cockpit photos and a video download section.
World War II Aces
Site about legendary fighter pilots and less known extraordinary fighter pilots of the Second World War.
World War Two Military Planes
Descriptions, specifications, and photos of combat aircraft of WWII. Including the airplanes' design and development.
WWII 11th Airborne Hero
Site in honor of Harry Krumm, an active World War II hero.
WWII Era Photos
Pictures of warbirds taken at various events, including Reading Airshow, Frederick Airshow, and Gettysburg.
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