People who have made a significant historical contribution to aeronautics or aviation.

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History of Mario Calderara, Italian aviator. Includes historic aviation links.
Dick Rutan
Commander of the 1986 flight of the Voyager as it made the first non-stop, unfueled flight around the word. Biography and activities.
Flight of Excelsior
Public information site on the life and accomplishments of Emilio Carranza. Contains a biography and photo gallery.
Fokker at Plane Writing
Quotes from, and about, early aviator, aeroplane constructor and general mad inventor Anthony Fokker.
Glenn Curtiss: Father of Naval Aviation
Information and photos focused on the birth of naval aviation, based on writings and photos of John H. Whitney, Curtiss' personal secretary and photographer.
Lawrence Hargrave: Australian Aviation Pioneer
This site celebrates the life and work of Lawrence Hargrave, 1850 - 1915, one of Australia's aviation pioneers.
Lincoln Beachey
Information about the life and career of Lincoln Beachey, who flew professionally between 1905 and 1915.
A Lucky Pilot
A narrative memoir of Lanky Ahmad, a pilot in the Pakistan Military. Includes a photo gallery.
Mario Calderara, Aviator and Inventor
Pioneer of aviation, Italian pilot license n.1 and first military pilot in the world. First Italian to be trained by the Wright brothers. Site in English, Italian and French.
The mystery of Thomas Smith's transatlantic flight.
This site details Thomas Smith's bold transatlantic flight of 1939 in his 65hp "Baby Clipper," later found at Newfoundland, Canada. Smith however was never found. Here's the man, the aircraft, and the last minutes of his fateful flight.
Pioneer Pilot, Walter E. Lees, 1887-1957
Walter E. Lees, Pioneer Pilot, soloed in 1912 and continued in aviation until 1945.
Plane Writing: quotes from early pilots' biographies
Vintage writing about flying from biographies of pilots - Beryl Markham, the Lindberghs, Roald Dahl, Nevil Shute, st. Exupéry and many lesser known aviators.
Stearman World Flight
Information on the Stearman World Flight with the "Super 450 Stearman."
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