Private sector consultants providing urban planning services.

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Behan Planning Associates
Consulting company dedicated to assisting communities to realize their vision of a quality place to live and work through the application of sound planning practices.
Bernard Eacock Ltd
Town planning consultancy serving private and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom.
Calibre Consulting
Information on Australian business providing town planning, project management, and engineering.
Calthorpe Associates
Features an extensive portfolio of regional, citywide, town, neighborhood and urban revitalization plans, including many built projects, from a pioneering New Urbanist firm based in Berkeley, California.
Camoin Associates
Provides economic development planning and community revitalization services in New York.
CDN Planning Ltd
Provides town planning, urban design and development advice to a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. Offices in South Wales and North Wales, UK.
Chesapeake Group, Inc.
Provides market analysis, urban planning, and economic development consulting.
Firm focusing on communications, marketing, involvement, architecture, urban planning and graphic design. Details of the team and projects.
Cityworks Design
Firm specialized in urban design and master planning. Based in Pasadena, California, USA.
Civic Economics
Economic analysis and strategic planning firm with offices in Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois.
CIVITAS Urban Design & Planning Inc.
Specialist urban design, planning and landscape architecture practice based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Consultants for major local and international urban and community development projects, focused on sustainable practices.
Clarion Associates
American land use and real estate consulting firm with offices in five states.
Collins and Schoettler
Planning Consultants, located in Visalia, CA. Provide professional services in city and regional planning, environmental assessment, urban design and contract planning services.
Advises cities on creative approaches to planning, economy, social inclusion, culture and local identity
Community Planning & Environmental Associates
Provides comprehensive and environmental planning services for small communities and rural areas in upstate New York.
CoolTown Studios
Uses arts and entertainment oriented economic development services to create virtual and physical communities of entrepreneurs and artists.
Cooper Johnson Smith Architects
Innovative neo-traditional architecture and town planning contributing to a meaningful sense of place.
Crane Associates
A community development consulting firm specializing in river, recreation, and land use planning; economic development; affordable housing; and downtown revitalization. Vermont, USA.
Culpin Planning
Specializes in urban planning and regional and rural development in developing countries. Offices in Thailand, Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Egypt.
Alexandria, Virginia-based urban planning and neighborhood development consulting firm specializing in neighborhood revitalization.
D.B. Hartt, Inc.
Provides planning consulting services to both public and private clients. Project summaries, staff biographies, news, and employment opportunities.
David Lock Associates
Specialist urban design consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia providing plans, strategies, and studies throughout Australasia.
Design Plan Services Inc.
A town planning firm specializing in community and neighbourhood design, subdivision planning, and related services for private land development clients in the GTA and Southern Ontario.
Development Land and Planning Consultants Ltd
British professional planning consultancy offering advice on development, planning and transportation issues. Has offices in Bedford, Bristol, Sheffield and Wokingham.
Dover, Kohl & Partners
Urban design firm specializing in master plans and illustrated codes for inner city revitalization, neighborhood redevelopment, and traditional town planning.
DPU Associates
A network of former professional and research staff of the Development Planning Unit, University College London. CVs and recent news of the consultancy, research and training activities of its members.
Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company
Influential new urbanist firm with offices in Miami, Washington DC, and Charlotte.
Dyett & Bhatia
Offers planning, urban design, zoning, transportation and GIS services.
EDuce ltd
Economic development consultants specialising in partnership development and practitioner skills. Strategies, project development and evaluation. Based in Cambridge, UK.
Environmental Design and Management Limited
Multi-disciplinary firm specializing in built and natural environment design and planning. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Environmental Simulation Center
An independent not-for-profit laboratory specializing in 3D visualization, environmental impact statements, visual impact analysis, urban simulation, and consensus building.
Eric Vance and Associates
Vancouver-based firm specializes in land use planning, economic analysis, and strategic planning. Works with private and public sector clients in Canada and the United States.
Espiritu Loci
Provides site planning, land planning, entitlement assistance, and development process assistance for developers and private individuals.
Fraser Dunchurch Ltd
Appeals to the Department of the Environment carried out for people who have been refused planning permission or issued with an enforcement notice within England and Wales.
Freedman Tung and Bottomley
An urban design and town planning firm based in San Francisco, specializing in downtown and district revitalization.
Offers public space and public life surveys, town planning, recommendations and guidelines for city development.
General Public Agency
A creative consultancy working in urban and rural regeneration strategy. Profile, portfolio and clients.
Global Telematics
Policy research and consulting firm established in 1986 that offers analysis, design, planning, presentations, and training.
Goody Clancy
Interdisciplinary architecture, planning, and preservation firm located in Boston, Massachusetts.
GrantWorks Home
Texas' largest grant writing and management firm, specializing in housing, community development, and planning services for rural communities.
Greenberg Consultants, Inc.
Architecture and urban design firm based in Toronto, Ontario.
GSA Planning
Town planning consultancy specialising in urban design, environmental and traffic planning, masterplanning, development applications and representation in the Land and Environment Court. Based in Paddington, NSW, Australia.
Hofman Planning Associates
This is a land use planning, fiscal and environmental services firm, located in Carlsbad, California formed in 1985.
Consultants specializing in economic enhancement of downtowns and older business districts.
Inukshuk Planning & Development
Provides environmental planning and landscape architecture services in Alaska and Northwest Canada. Includes samples of completed projects.
Juurlink en Geluk
Dutch firm provides information on their methods, projects, philosophy, and company. [In Dutch and English]
Kasler Associates, PA
Planning and development consulting firm that was established in 1975 to provide innovative and workable services for its clients.
Kendig Keast Collaborative
Planning firm with offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, and Colorado, USA. Specializes in land use planning, development regulations, urban design, and planning technology. Formerly Lane Kendig, Inc.
KenKay Associates
San Francisco, California firm provides urban planning and landscape architecture services for corporate, institutional and individual clients.
Kevin Murray Associates
Operates primarily across the United Kingdom and Ireland in the fields of planning, regeneration, urban design and economic development.
Multi-disciplinary design covering urban design, environmental planning, sustainable infrastructure, information graphics and landscape architecture. Baseed in Toronto, Halifax, and Abu Dhabi.
Landmark Planning
Consultancy based in Leicester, England operates throughout the East and West Midlands. Information on conferences, lectures, recent work, and staff.
Lehe Planning
Provides comprehensive planning and project implementation services to local governments.
Leland Consulting Group
Real estate strategists with a focus on urban revitalization through implementation strategies, market research, and public-private partnerships.
Luke Planning
Community strategic visioning facilitator with experience in 48 communities since 1983.
Christensen Design Management provides design charettes and quick schematic plans.
McKenna Associates, Inc.
Includes mission statement, services list, staff profiles, project examples, locations map, and employment opportunities.
Milder, David N.
Consultant specializing in downtown and neighborhood economic development, with experience primarily in New York City and surrounding areas.
Moore Iacofano Goltsman
Provides planning, design, communications, and management services. Offices in California, North Carolina, Oregon, and Wisconsin.
Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
Specializes in transit and multimodal transportation planning for small and large transit agencies.
Optimal Environments
Research and consulting toward more humane buildings and parks.
PDB Associates & Nigel Cant Planning
Town and country planning consultants, incorporating waste disposal planning, in the Southwest UK.
Peter j. smith & company, inc.
Planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm with offices in Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario.
Planners Collaborative Inc.
Offers a full range of consulting services in the areas of planning, design, management, and communication.
The Planning Center
Southern California company providing community and regional planning, land planning, environmental compliance and analysis, and school planning services. Includes newsletters, publications, and examples of past projects.
Planning Consultants Online Directory
Directory of planning consultancies based within the United Kingdom.
Provides IT solutions to planners, including transportation and land use modeling, planning support systems, and geographic information systems.
Regional and Urban Studies and Development Centre (CEDRU)
Portuguese company specializing in regional and urban planning and development, social, economical and environmental studies, program evaluation, and land use management. [in Portuguese and English]
Renaissance Planning Group
A planning and policy analysis firm specializing in transportation and land use integration, providing services primarily to public sector agencies.
Rodgers Consulting
Specializes in land planning, civil engineering, surveying and environmental design.
ROMA Design Group
Interdisciplinary firm of architects, landscape architects and planners specializing in streetscape design and urban development planning.
Schreiber/Anderson Associates
Multidisciplinary planning, design, and construction firm located in Madison, Wisconsin.
Simon Yates
Independent consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand presents profile, services, and list of projects.
Solimar Research Group
Conducts research and creates reports on land use issues.
Space Syntax
An international, multi-disciplinary firm providing an evidence-based approach to the evaluation, strategic design and functional performance of buildings and urban areas.
The Spaxman Consulting Group Ltd.
Architectural planning and urban design consultants located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Spikowski Planning Associates
City planning consulting firm located in Fort Myers, Florida. Includes information about projects in southewestern Florida.
Stevens & Associates, P.C.
Provides site planning, project management and design services focusing on institutions, corporate design, urban design and civic facilities.
Studio Cascade
Community planning and design firm based in Spokane, Washington. Provides details about the firm and its staff, services, and clients.
SWA Group
Provides services in urban design, planning and landscape architecture, with offices in California, Texas, China and United Arab Emirates
T&B Planning Consultants, Inc.
Land planning, urban design, and environmental planning for both public and private clients.
Terry A. Hayes Associates
Urban and environmental planning consultants, specializing in community impact assessment and community development planning.
Townland Consultants Limited
Town planning, development consultancy, urban design and project management.
Transportation Planning Partnership
Manchester based consultancy providing network and development planning, scheme appraisal, and regeneration studies.
Urban Advantage
Uses digital photo editing technologies to aid in visualizing growth options, sharing of those visions, and to speed the learning process.
Urban Design Associates
Offers design services in urban design, architecture and pattern books, and design guidelines.
Urban Design Futures
Multi disciplinary planning, urban design and landscape practice which aims to provide exciting and imaginative design solutions that take full account of client and end user needs
Urban Strategies Inc.
Toronto-based planning and urban design firm offering services to public and private clients in North America and Europe.
Walkable Communities
A non-profit consulting firm which provides advice on how communities can become more pedestrian-friendly. Includes extensive recommended reading list and downloadable reports and photos.
Williams and Associates
Multi-disciplinary Athens, Georgia firm specializes in land planning, landscape architecture, development consultation, civil engineering, master planning, site design, and permitting.
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