Rural Sociology is the term applied to sociological studies focusing on people in rural areas, and the conditions in which they live and work. It is by nature interdisciplinary, closely related to such fields of environmental sociology, agricultural economics, and demographic studies, and other branches of the social sciences which consider cultural exchange and societal development in the context of rural communities.

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Agriculture, Food, and Human Values
Features membership information, awards, publications, forum and contact details.
Center for Rural Studies
A University of Vermont-affiliated research organization which addresses social, economic, and resource-based problems of rural people and communities. Site offers indicators and other research data, guides and training materials, recent surveys, and links.
European Society for Rural Sociology
Features membership details, conference, news, academic resources, and contact information.
Institute for Rural America
Promotes opportunity for independent farmers and rural communities through education, research, advocacy, and service.
International Rural Sociology Association
History, constitution, updates on the World Congress, and council members.
Journal of Rural Studies
Articles on rural society, housing, employment, transport, services, land-use, and conservation.
Rural Institute on Disabilities
Info on the projects and people of this University of Montana center which researches human development, community services, and education of people with disabilities in rural areas.
Rural Policy Research Institute
Conducts policy-relevant research and facilitates public dialogue to assist policymakers in understanding the rural impacts of public policies and programs.
Rural Sociological Society
U.S. scholarly organization formed to promote the study of rural life through research, extension and education.
Southern Rural Sociological Association
Professional association for rural sociology in the Southern US.
Southern Rural Sociological Association: Journal of Rural Social Sciences (JRRS)
Features submission instructions and contact information.
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